According to the Global Center for Quitting the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), the number of Chinese who have cut their ties to the Chinese communist party and its affiliated organizations reached over 400 million on August 3.

The Global Center for Quitting the CCP or “Tuidang” Center is an organization designed to help Chinese people to quit and denounce their CCP memberships online. It processes and tracks the CCP withdrawal movement from Chinese people globally. 

Rong Yi, president of Tuidang Center, praised the “400 million brave Chinese” for cutting their ties to the Chinese communist regime.

Chinese businessman Chen Quanhong from Shandong Province, officially declared his withdrawal from the CCP. He told The Epoch Times, “In China, I was no different from a worm trampled upon by the authoritarian power, not daring to stir a bit. Only when I came to America did I begin to feel like a person, because finally there’s no fear from the communist party.”

The movement is known as “Tuidang” in Chinese, which means “quit the Party” in English. 

The CCP withdrawal movement began in 2004, sparked by the release of the “Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party” from the Chinese language edition of The Epoch Times. The book details the CCP’s history of brutal killing, deception, and multiple crimes against the Chinese people from the time it was established to the present day.  

About 80 million Chinese people have died of unnatural causes from the CCP’s political campaigns since it came into power in 1949 in China. The Great Leap Forward campaign alone resulted in 30 million to 45 million Chinese people dying. The two most recent campaigns are the Tiananmen Square Massacre in 1989 and the ongoing persecution of 100 million adherences of the spiritual practice Falun Gong.

The CCP keeps three organizations designed to cover all different age groups: the Young Pioneers, for children aged under 14; the Communist Youth League, for those between 14 and 28 years old; and the Communist Party membership.

With such categorization, almost all Chinese people, from kindergarten age to the elderly, fall into one of the CCP-affiliated organizations. 

Communist Party membership is a must for those who want to be promoted to higher positions in their careers in government agencies or state-owned companies. Jack Ma, Alibaba founder, is also a CCP member.

According to the Tuidang center, there are about 50,000 to 70,000 requests for quitting the CCP per day.

Last week, in Toronto, Canada, to celebrate the milestone of 400 million withdrawing the CCP, Chinese Canadians organized a public parade and other activities. 

Rong Yi said at the event, “The most important mission for mankind is the disintegration of the CCP.” She added, “Only by ending the tyranny of the CCP can the Chinese people embrace freedom, peace, and prosperity.”

U.S. lawmakers also release statements to mark the milestone. 

Representative Tim Burchett, a member of the Asia subcommittee of the House Committee of Foreign Affairs, told the Epoch Times in a statement, “The Chinese Communist Party has the blood of tens of millions of Chinese on its hands, so it is no wonder that over 400 million Chinese civilians have left the CCP over the past two decades.”

Burchett continued, “Mao’s Great Famine, Tiananmen Square, the persecution of the Falun Gong, and the genocide of Uyghur Muslims are all proof that the CCP only cares about its grip on power. Chinese people would be better served by an open and truly representative government, so I hope the Tuidang movement picks up steam.”

In a statement to the Epoch Times, the president of the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation, Ambassador Andrew Bremberg, sees the Tuidang movement as a model for peaceful protest against the totalitarian regime. 

He said, “Congratulations to the Tuidang movement for reaching a new milestone. Tuidang is an exemplar of a peaceful, civil society movement where activists reach the conscience of their fellow citizens and persuade them to renounce communist ideology and control.” 

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