Travel out of Shanghai has been operating at a heated capacity. But the journeys out of the financial hub are not easy either. Previous reports showed lines of passengers stranded inside and outside of the city’s railway station. High demand has also left some struggling to get a ticket.

A group of college students were finally allowed to leave Shanghai to travel to their hometown but were required to isolate themselves again after their arrival. They have already spent more than 70 days isolated in Shanghai.

They were asked to pay 500 yuan (about 74 dollars) at the new isolation site for each night they spent there.

The footage of them crying to white-clothed personnel emerged around May 24. According to the girl in the black shirt, they were told the initial cost was only 250 yuan (about 37 dollars). The location where the incident was filmed is unclear.

There is also another video that demonstrates a similar situation. This time, the footage is believed to have been shot in Nanchang city, Jiangxi province.

A man was seen scolding students who complained about the expensive isolation site. It is unclear whether the two videos are related.

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