According to data from China’s Ministry of Water Resources, 85 rivers across the country have been on high alert as floodwater exceeds the warning level as of June 20. The tragedy is worsening as the local officials are still discharging floodwater from the reservoirs without prior warning.

On June 18, the Songxi River’s water level in Nanping City, Fujian Province, reached its peak at 193.98 meters, or 1.78 meters higher than the guaranteed level.

According to a government forecast on June 21, Shaoguan of Guangdong Province may suffer a largest flood in 50 years.

Since May, southern China has experienced continuous heavy rains. Meanwhile, local governments have released flood water from their reservoirs. Therefore, the water levels of these 85 rivers have increased dramatically.

Ms. Jiang, a resident of Jiangshan City, Quzhou Province said on June 20: “It rained heavily here yesterday, plus our place may have poor drainage, so there are some areas that have been flooded. The cars were just soaked there, the lake was flooded, the amount of water was relatively high, so it washed away. But today the water has receded.”

A netizen said that on April 20, around 7 o’clock, Jiangxi Yushan Reservoir in Shang Rao, Jiangxi Province, discharged floodwaters that completely inundated the artificially-upstream settlement. In addition to being flooded, Shangrao Xinzhou District’s Shaxi town also lost power, leaving the residents unable to call for assistance outside.

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