Amazing manual parking of a female driver

 Parking between two cars or reversing into a parking spot is one of the basic tests for a driver’s license. However, a woman surprised everyone because while driving on the road presents no problems, but she had to park her car using her hands.

The video shared on the internet shows a female driver who appears to be trying to figure out how to get her car into the parking space. The driver seems to be unfamiliar with the technique of “reversing into the spot.” And she was unable to park the car after trying for a long time. There seemed to be no way so she pushed the car into the spot. While pushing, she also adjusted the steering wheel, looked left and right, and adjusted the direction. In this way, the car was “pushed into the parking spot” step by step. 

It seems this female driver has supernatural powers to be able to push a car like that herself. However, if the skill is not mature, this will cause great danger when she drives on the road.

 Nucleic acid testing for seafood

COVID testing is now a crucial component of China’s anti-pandemic strategy. Authorities believe that mass testing will help deter outbreaks early and control the spread.

Hainan 海南 is currently one of the areas strictly controlled by the government because of many outbreaks. So Chinese pandemic prevention staff, also known as “Dabai,” carried out COVID testing in many regions.

A viral video shows the Dabai running tests on a fishing boat. Even all shrimp and fish are taken for nucleic acid testing.

 Shanghai’s once majestic cabin hospital is now in ruins

The Shanghai government has strengthened large-scale hospital huts since April to quarantine COVID patients.

According to NetEase, Shanghai has already built 160,000 beds. With the lowest cost previously announced, each bed costs just over $5,400 (37,000 yuan). It is estimated that Shanghai’s expenditure on constructing hospital huts has reached a staggering $ 875.45 million (5.92 billion yuan).

Footage shared on the internet shows that after 2 months of the end of  lockdowns in Shanghai, small outbreaks have been controlled in place. These hospitals have now been removed. The once grand hospital has now become a pile of rubble.

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