Recently photos and videos of abnormal natural phenomena occurring in China were uploaded the internet, causing concern to the nation. On September 10,  many photos of the blood moon in Beijing on the night of the Mid-Autumn Festival, the night of the Mid-Autumn Festival.  

The official Beijing Daily’s Weibo account posted a photo of a large blood moon. A Weibo netizen claimed the weather condition as the cause.  It is a very beautiful photo taken by a netizen at the Juyongguan Great Wall in Beijing.

However, some people are concerned about bad things happening because history books link adverse events to the blood moon.

A blood-red moon appeared unexpectedly in Shenyang on September 13, frightening those who witnessed it. Some wondered if it was a warning sign because of recent events in the area, such as strange explosions at the military airport in the northern theater and lockdowns due to the pandemic outbreak.

At 2 a.m. on September 7, the sound of fighter jets flying overhead, gunfire, and explosions, accompanied by flashes, could be heard at the northern theater military airport in Shenyang’s Tiexi district.

On September 8, there was another roar of fighter jets passing over Tiexi District around the same time. A flash was seen, accompanied a loud explosion.

Not only the blood moon but the red sky occured in  China. In May this year, the sky in  Zhoushan , China’s port city, turned blood-red due to unusual weather conditions. It was also known as the crimson sky. 

Many city residents wondered if judgment day was imminent. Some residents’ voices were filled with fear as they recorded the eerie phenomenon.This abnormal weather condition was visible through thick layers of fog. Some believed the red sky was a bad omen for China.

According to the Daily Mail UK, the video quickly became one of the top trending topics on China’s Twitter-like social media platform, Sina Weibo, with over 150 million views. 

Although the account on Twitter that posted the video has been suspended for some reason, netizens’ comments are still available. Some of their comments are,

“If this is real. That’s not good.”

Also, “Yes, It’s real. You can’t fake a red sky over China. But, it’s not the only biblical sign that happened since the beginning of 2022. God has said it, but I and other people of God Discerned it too these are the times of the Gr

eat Exodus—The Pharaohs of nations have people in bondage!”

Or, “mostly it would be the bad oman trolling us.” 

Is weird weather in China a sign of catastrophe? scientifically explains the blood moon as a trick of light. A “blood moon” occurs when the Earth’s moon is completely eclipsed by the sun. The view in the sky is stunning as the normally whiteish moon turns red or ruddy-brown.  

A video on Tech Insider has explained this phenomenon in detail. Let’s watch a brief explanation.

“Whenever you look up at the full moon, you’re seeing sunlight that’s reflected off the lunar surface. So if something were to block that sunlight, say, the earth, then in theory, the moon should disappear. But during a total lunar eclipse, when the moon passes through the earth’s shadow, we get a red moon, not a vanishing one.”

Blood moon from the historical perception

From a historical perspective,  blood moons are often linked to the occurrence of disasters, or even cause catastrophes that change dynasties. If we scroll back to the beginning of the video, here’s what Tech Insider says.

“ A blood moon lunar eclipse wasn’t always something to look forward to. When the moon turned red thousands of years ago, the ancient Mayans and Mesopotamians feared that something monstrous and evil was eating the moon. They would shout at the night sky to try and fend off the ravenous beasts.” 

Blood moon in ancient Chinese books and folklore

Chinese language media Da Ji Yuan mentions some Chinese historic books. 

The Western Han Dynasty master of Yixue Jingfang (77-37 BC) wrote that red represents soldiers and battles. 

Another book written during the Tang Dynasty also said that the discoloration of the moon will bring disaster. When the moon turns red, it is a sign of raising troops to fight.

In the blood moon it is said that there will be a lot of plagues, or a lot of accidents, and a lot of turmoil, and even war.

Then, in ancient times, in the KAIYEN Zhangshu, it was in the observation of this moon (bright), and he thought that the people should be careful.

According to the  book entitled “Later Han Dynasty: Five Elements Six”, the moon turned red because humans did something against heaven’s designation. Gods warn, “If people do not listen to heaven, the sun and moon will be red.”

The tragic disaster of the Eastern Han Dynasty is also well-known in history. Here’s a quick recap.

Disasters struck one after the other after Emperor Ling of the Eastern Han Dynasty took the throne. Furthermore, the wind and rain were abnormal. Trees were felled by strong winds. The Yellow River and Luoshui, which gave rise to Chinese civilization, had high tides.

Emperor Ling 玲 asked  the Minister what was going on and how to govern it. The Minister then replied, [quote] “I have heard that earthquakes occur when Yang energy is weak. Moon eclipses when Yin energy exceeds Yang energy. Chaotic winds arise when grace is unjust. Torrential rains occur when appearance and manners are improper. Plagues are prevalent when people are blinded and do not see the truth. Floods and droughts occur when there is no respect for heaven and no respect for the ancestors.” [end quote]

Blood moon phenomenon and historical events. 

Chinese language media Da Ji Yuan reported the relation between blood moons, mutiny and subversion.

The blood moon appeared in April of A.D. 498. It was the first year of Yongtai and the last year of Emperor Ming’s reign in Southern Qi. Three days later, Wang Jing, the Great Sima, raised his troops to rebel.

Within five months, Emperor Qi Ming died.

A year later, another blood moon appeared in August of the first year of Yongyuan’s reign of the Southern Qi Dynasty. Xiao Yaoguang, the king of Shi’an who raised his army, was executed.

Two years later (A.D.502), Donghunhou was also killed in another mutiny, and the history of Nanqi came to an end.

In 1644, when Li Zicheng, the leader of the invaders, led his army to break through Beijing, Emperor Chongzhen hanged himself on the coal mountain. 1:11 It is said that a blood moon hung in the sky at that time.

In 1863, the Qing army besieged and destroyed the Taiping army in the Dadu River area, after which the (Taiping) capital city of Tianjin was captured by the Qing army.

Hong Xiuquan’s Taiping Heavenly Kingdom fell, and that year, there was a blood moon as well.

Blood moons occurred before and after the Wuchang Uprising that broke out in 1911, and on the eve of the 2008 Wenchuan Earthquake.

Decades later, two distinct but closely related outbreaks of collective violence happened in northern China between 1899 and 1901. The terms were “Boxer Rebellion” and “Boxer War”.

In July 1899, Shandong governor Yuxian supported the Boxer people in Shandong to support xenophobia, a prejudice against people from other countries by definition. He also incorporated the Boxers into his armed militia organization. The official announcement spread, which eventually led to the Gengzi Rebellion. A month before that, the blood moon appeared on June 23. 

On May 15, 1900, the Boxers attacked and occupied the Tianjin Concession. They burned churches and killed foreign soldiers. A blood moon appeared coincidentally.

A Qing Dynasty scholar described the moon as ten times larger than usual. Its color was changing from yellow to red. More surprisingly, it wasn’t the day of the total lunar eclipse. It was a fatal turning point for the fall of the Qing Dynasty.

Chinese media outlet Da Ji Yuan reported a few events that happened between 1949 and 1950 after the blood moons. 

From 1949 to 1950, a total lunar eclipse occurred every six months. It was a rare series of four blood moons appearing over the past 500 years.

The Blood Moon appeared on October 6, 1949, during a period of great change in Chinese society. The Chinese Communist Party, backed by the Soviet Union, stole China and took control of the country.

Recent abnormal natural disasters’ relation to the blood moon. 

Since the Chinese Communist Party took control over China, atheism has caused earth-shattering changes in the lives of local residents, which continue to this day. This astrological phenomenon still happens today and coincides with unfortunate events in China.

According to Lin Zhengzhi, the series of four-blooded months of 2003 to 2004 saw the SARS outbreak in mainland China, causing damage to 29 countries and regions around the world. Moreover, over 8,000 people were infected, which led to the tragic closure of the Peace Hospital in the country.

From the above connections to blood moons and historical events, what could we relate to the future of the current Chinese government when this phenomenon has just reoccurred?

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