Many residents in China’s provinces and cities are feeling the heat from the regime’s Covid policies, and an economic recession, and are trying to flee the country.

Because of the “zero policy,” about 10,000 wealthy Chinese are hoping to settle overseas. This would result in an outflow of $48 billion. They have almost no faith in their country. Furthermore, many of them are party members.

On July 17, when the epidemic resurfaced, the Shanghai government  imposed strict controls on some communities, and  residents resisted. They gathered in the dark to sing the national anthem to protest the lockdown. They shout in unison, “Lift the lockdown!” while surrounded by police. Some residents attempted to flee Shanghai for fear of being trapped in the city.

In Shenzhen, the same situation happened. On July 18, thousands of people tried to leave the city overnight. The strict lockdown caused residents to become irritable and out of control. Netizens comment that it is like a giant prison, the health code is like invisible handcuffs, and the people have no freedom.

It’s not only the epidemic policy, but property management issues have also caused many people to protest.

Before that, in April, in Chengdu, Sichuan 四川, the community established an owner committee to drive away the property management and begin to implement owner autonomy. They cut administrative costs in the community. They expect more and more transparency in the income and expenditure of property.

Netizens comment that communities should be autonomous. Getting rid of the CCP’s local autonomy will be the way out and the way of life for China in the future.

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