Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying’s tweet has recently sparked ridicule online. After using Chinese restaurants in Taipei to reinforce Beijing’s claim over Taiwan, Hua received a storm of comments challenging her words.

Spokeswoman Hua Chunying posted on her Twitter account on August 7, “Baidu Maps show that there are 38 Shandong dumpling restaurants and 67 Shanxi noodle restaurants in Taipei.”

She added, “Palates don’t cheat. #Taiwan has always been a part of China. The long lost child will eventually return home.”

However, Hua’s tweet then sparked the public’s ridicule of the Chinese official’s logic.

Former U.S. Department of State spokesperson Morgan Ortagus captured a screenshot of Hua’s post, replying in a parody of her tweet, “There are over 8,500 KFC restaurants in China. Palates don’t cheat. #China has always been a part of Kentucky. The long lost child will eventually return home.”

Twitter user @WeiKevin wrote, “Meanwhile, Hong Kong has hundreds of Japanese restaurants, and even more shops offering Western food. How to interpret this.”

Another user wrote, “TripAdvisor shows that there are 621 Japanese cuisine restaurants in Beijing. Palates don’t cheat. China has always been a part of Japan.”

Hua’s tweet comes after a week of tensions around the Taiwan Strait.

In recent days, Pelosi’s visit to Taipei angered Beijing. It’s because China has long claimed Taiwan as its own territory and reserves the right to use force to bring Taiwan under its control.

The Chinese government has resorted to various means in response to Pelosi’s trip, such as deploying fighter jets, warships, and ballistic missiles around self-ruled Taiwan.

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