Chinese mainland media reported on August 8 that in the first half of 2022, complaints about bank card restrictions and difficulties in enabling cards gradually increased. On multiple social platforms, when you enter “bank card,” the pop-up entries are “what to do if the status of the bank card is abnormal” and “bank card transactions are restricted.” The comments come from many parts of the country. Many people have similar doubts:

Across a layer of glass at the bank counter, a man told a teller, using the pseudonym of Zhang Weiwei, “Why? Why should I lock my card when I use it normally, and I have to prove I am my cardholder?” 

The teller asks him to provide customer information to check his bank card, which is restricted from trading and doing money transfers.

“Why is my bank card suddenly unavailable?”

“Try not to shop in the middle of the night,” was the answer.

Most people find out that their cards are restricted by accident. Some are shopping and ordering takeaways as usual. 

A user is standing on the bus, ready to swipe his card to get off the bus. There is no “di” sound, and a few lines pop up. There was no time to be stunned, so he had no choice but to turn around and quickly fumble for coins.

In the overwhelming confusion on the social platform, a bank employee concluded that the bank cards of large state-owned banks could be restricted due to a variety of reasons:

  • Buy things at night.
  • Make frequent transactions.
  • Have multiple transactions of the same amount, or 
  • The ID card information has expired and has not been updated. 

If there has been no transaction for more than six months and there are multiple bank cards under the same bank name, the system may restrict non-counter transactions. These non-counter transactions include mobile banking, online banking, payment software, etc.

According to the “China Times” report, the low balance and the use of cards in different places may also lead to freezing.

A girl who often uses bank cards for shopping online came to a bank branch and got a reply, “the bank card is used too often to pay, and the system determines that there is a risk.”

In the explanation, several bank staff mentioned the “broken card operation.”

Major banks have stepped up account management to prevent telecom fraud in the October 2020 “card-cutting” operation.

As a result, “It’s getting harder and harder to enable a bank card.” A user complained that she went to three banks before and after applying for a bank card, and each bank requested different information.

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