Summer is a peak tourism season. To curb the COVID flare-up, the authorities in the seaside city of Beihai in Guangxi imposed a snap lockdown without warning in mid-July. More than 20,000 tourists have been stranded in the city since then. 

It’s nearly a month since authorities put the city under lockdown. Then, on August 16th, Beihai announced that the whole city would be “transferred to the normalized epidemic prevention and control stage.” 

Several online videos show many people took to the street to protest on the evening of August 15th, chanting slogans together. As Chinese media News Creaders reported, the protest reportedly forced the authorities to lift the lockdown overnight.

On social media, netizens described the incident as ​​the first shot in the fight against the pandemic. 

Particularly this year, the sudden lockdowns and seemingly endless travel restrictions have severely hurt China’s tourism business.

Located in Hainan’s southern Chinese island province, Sanya—”China’s Hawaii”—is famous for its white-sandy beaches and warm weather. Recently, a spike in COVID cases put the city under lockdown. 

About 150,000 tourists are estimated to be trapped in Hainan due to the pandemic.

Many protests also broke out throughout the province, mainly in Sanya city. 

[Videos below]

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