Beijing authorities are forcefully quarantining residents of many communities, raising widespread criticism.

In the latest move, on Friday, May 20, the government deployed dozens of buses to several communities in Beijing to pull people away en masse to quarantine sites.

For example, residents from Nanxinyuan, Chaoyang District, posted messages on Chinese social media Weibo. They said that they had received a notice from their superiors that all residents of their community needed to prepare to go to the quarantine hotel. They need to organize clothing and medicines and wait for further notice.

Residents post notices they receive to prepare for quarantine. (Weibo)

Many residents posted videos on social media, showing dozens of buses coming to transport people away.

According to the encyclopedia Baidu Baike, Nanxinyuan 南新园 Community has 36 buildings, with over 5,300 households and more than 13,300 people. 

The residents have stayed home for two weeks already since the authority imposed a lockdown and control policy on May 8. And now, the quarantine has been announced suddenly, and many residents are complaining.

A netizen complained on Weibo that Nanxinyuan 南新园 Community, Chaoyang 朝阳 District forced all residents to the centralized quarantine site. However, it has not said how long the quarantine might last. Besides, the risky environment at the centralized center is not suitable for many residents. Some are partially paralyzed, some are pregnant, and many have newborns.

Another netizen questioned the reasoning for the quarantine order. He said that there are only 26 positive cases, most of which are mild. However, authorities want to move over 13,000 Covid-negative residents to a quarantine site. This does not fit the medical, scientific, and legal basis. 

Another netizen complained to her friends on social media that she had been quarantined at home for 28 days. All these days, she tested negative for Covid. Now the government wants to implement the one-size-fits-all policy. They want to put everyone in a centralized quarantine site, whether Covid-positive or negative. She bluntly said that she was about to explode.

(Network Diagram)

Many residents worry they will not given protective clothing during the transfer risking cross-infection during the transfer. 

Also, on Friday, netizens posted videos of the same types of buses in Yuxinzhuang 于辛庄 Village, Changping 昌平 District.  

Residents posted to the Internet a notice from the village committee of Yuxinzhuang 于辛庄 Village in Changping 昌平 District, saying they found a positive case there.

The scenes of Beijing transferring all residents to quarantine sites by force reminds many netizens of Shanghai. Many people said Beijing is following in the footsteps of Shanghai. Now it’s Beijing’s turn. 
On Friday, May 20, Beijing added 58 new cases of local infections.

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