On May 20, Nan Xing Yuan residents in Chaoyang District, Beijing, were forcibly moved to hotel quarantine overnight, sparking fear and anger among residents.

The incident came after authorities detected some Covid-positive cases in the neighborhood.

Residents posted messages on Weibo, saying that they had received a notice from their community managers that residents of the community have to move to quarantine sites. And the move was scheduled to be completed by Friday night.

Residents posted the notice they received to prepare for quarantine. (Weibo)

Thousands of comments and shares from unverified Weibo accounts from residents of the Nan Xing Yuan’s neighborhood have been deleted. Related hashtags could not be found on the platform on Saturday, causing outrage among residents about possible censorship.

Residents raise concerns about living conditions in the quarantine sites, worrying that they could get infected in those areas.

Nan Xing Yuan is located in Beijing’s most populous district, with 36 buildings and a population of more than 10,000 people. The area has implemented a strict lockdown policy with residents staying at home since May 8.

A tech startup employee, Sun Shuwei, told Reuters that he considered leaving Beijing due to the pandemic situation at Nan Xing Yuan, just 1.2 miles from his home.

Authorities also shut down bus and metro stations in Fengtai, a district of 2 million people. Residents of the neighborhood were told to stay home starting from Friday.

On May 20, Beijing authorities said at a press conference that the epidemic situation in the city had been grim, and Covid-fight measures were further tightened.

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