ANI said Beijing is conducting a new tactic against Taiwan by infiltrating Taiwan’s social networks and forums to stir up public opinion and to manipulate elections. 

The Taipei Times cited reports of the Taiwan Investigation Department saying that more than 400 fake accounts from China were spreading propaganda targeting Taiwanese on social networks.

Taiwan’s Information and Communication Security Department found 2,773 similar sham accounts in April last year.

An investigation official pointed out that there are 20 registrations using foreign phone numbers and emails on a popular forum of Taiwanese people called CK101.COM.

The Taiwanese official says that these accounts specialize in fake news and false information to undermine Taiwan’s public health implementation of Covid-19 prevention. The contents are obviously sourced from a mass information provider in China. 

Taipei Times quotes the report of the Information Security Department that said that fake accounts from China have also altered the posts on the People’s Technology Temple, Taiwan’s most popular bulletin board.

The Bureau asks Taiwanese Social media users to be aware of the spreading of false information. 

The Taiwan Times quoted an official that said, “Through cognitive warfare, the Chinese cyberarmy is attempting to stir conflict and hatred between social groups, undermining Taiwan’s national security”.

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