To date, all six members of the CCP’s “Sun Li-jun’s political gang” have been tried and are awaiting sentencing.

Chen Yixin, General Secretary of the CCP Central Committee for Politics and Law, recently wrote an article describing the gang’s violations and made strong arguments, emphasizing that “the most pressing issue of political construction” is to completely eliminate Sun Li-jun’s influence. According to Vision Times, this is a signal of a new political storm attacking the CCP’s political and legal systems.

On July 28, Fu Zhenghua, the “big tiger” of the CCP’s political and legal system, who had been knocked off his horse nearly 11 months ago, went on trial in the Intermediate People’s Court in Changchun City, Jilin Province for accepting bribes of 117 million yuan ($US14.9 million). Currently, the other 5 “tigers in the political and legal world” are Sun Li-jun, Wang Like, Gong Daoan, Deng Huilin and Liu Xinyun related to “Sun Li-jun political gang.” The total amount of corruption came to over 646 million yuan, (nearly US$100 million).

On July 27, Study Times, the official newspaper of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China’s Party School, published an article titled “Taking the defense of ‘two foundations’ and implementing ‘two solidities’ is the basic requirement of political construction on the political and legal front,” also written by Chen Yixin. Along with Wang Xiaohong, Minister of Public Security of the Communist Party of China, and Tang Yijun, Minister of Justice, Chen is known as one of Xi Jinping’s three primary henchmen in the Communist Party of China’s political and legal systems.

Without a doubt, the CCP’s political and legal systems will be subjected to another harsh purge. What is troubling is that Chen emphasized a “cleansing” seven times in a row, and described “Sun Li-jun’s political gang” as violating the “three big issues” in the “seven typical problems” which include “disloyalty, dishonesty to the Party, extreme corruption and degeneration, interweaving political problems with economic problems, excessive privileges, arbitrary behaviors, and defiant violations of discipline and law.” Meanwhile, Sun Li-jun’s gang was accused of “disloyalty and dishonesty,” implying “disloyalty and dishonesty” against leader Xi Jinping.

In the article, Chen Yixin discussed the “urgency,” “complexity,” and “seriousness” of “detoxification,” emphasizing “completely eliminating the malicious influence of Sun Li-jun’s political gang” is to ensure that the “knife handle” is firmly in the Party’s hands. It is an indispensable requirement of the people, and must take the complete eradication of the influence of poison as an urgent and serious political task.

According to Vision Times, the “people” referred to by the CCP have never been tied to real people. The phrase “party and people” alludes to Xi Jinping. This expression is equivalent to guaranteeing that Xi holds the “knife handle” of the CCP’s political and legal systems.

However, the implication here is that the”knife handle” is not actually in Xi’s hands, but according to outside observers, it is in the hands of Jiang Zemin’s faction. The accusation of “disloyalty and dishonesty” by Sun Li-jun and others also proves this. That is, their loyalty is not to Xi, but to Jiang Zemin, Zeng Qinghong, Meng Jianzhu and others.

Chen Yixin used strong language several times in this piece. He referred to Sun Li-jun’s political gang as a “cancerous disease” and said, “the poison has damaged political and legal police personnel in various areas and agencies,” and he urged that the “severity of” the malicious disease and “the wide range of” the “poison” needs to be “severely punished.”

Chen Yixin further demanded, “The clues and issues indicated in the Central Circular, as well as the problems found in the prosecution and criticism of senior officials and related units must be thoroughly investigated.”

Chen Yixin’s statement conveyed a powerful political signal, implying that at least some of the CCP’s political and legal systems’ “tigers” would be purged.

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