The Chinese government encourages the adoption of green technologies, including e-bikes or electric bicycles. Thanks to heavy subsidies from the government, China’s e-bike market has boomed recently.

As reported by Bloomberg, with the price range from 200 dollars to 600 dollars per item, 51,600 e-bike manufacturers joined the lucrative industry in 2020, up 83% compared to the previous year. As of February 2021, around 223,000 companies have been doing business related to the e-bike industry.

There are about 300 million electric bikes on China’s roads, making it “an E-bike nation,” as named by Bloomberg.

The e-bike has seemingly become a vital part of clean transport in China. It is more cost-effective, energy-efficient, and so more economical than fuel-powered vehicles. Consequently, there has been a rising demand for e-bikes to avoid traffic congestion and accidents in China.

However, it is not always the case.

The video shows many accidents caused by Chinese electric bikes.

They suddenly explode for unknown reasons, even during standby mode or while riding on the streets.

According to The World of Chinese, e-bike explosions have been an “almost daily occurrence” in China for the past decade. 

2018 data from the Fire and Rescue Department of the Ministry of Emergency Management shows that e-bikes caused 10,000 reported fires from 2013 to 2017. In other words, there were over 2,000 cases per year, or five cases per day.

Despite this, the industry keeps dramatic growth. Statista forecast that the production of e-bikes in China will reach 40.2 million units by 2030.

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