Global Times, an opinion leader for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), said of Rishi Sunak during the election race, “Sunak is the only candidate with a clear and pragmatic vision on the development of UK-China ties.”

Sunak, a former UK Chancellor of the Exchequer (head of the Treasury), promised during his campaign that he would be tough on China if he won the election and became prime minister. He called the communist regime, “the number one threat to national and global security.”

However, after Liz Truss’s short tenure as prime minister, Sunak, stepped into the limelight.

Sunak’s campaign promises on China left behind

Sunak ignored the intelligence chief’s (MI5) reports, and together with Defense Minister Ben Wallace, downgraded the Chinese regime’s communist threat to “mere challenge.”

For that reason Lord David Alton, pointed out that Sunak had promised to be tough on China, sounding alarm bells and just a few weeks later he turned the Chinese threat into a “mere challenge.”

Bitter Winter reported that Alton wanted to know why the British government was paying the CCP over $900,000 a day to store 120 million items of Personal Protective Equipment(PPE) worth $337.83 million a year? And why has the British trade deficit against the regime reach over $48 billion?

Alton said, “We have seen British taxpayers’ money being spent on goods manufactured in a state that uses slave labor to undermine its competitors and is credibly accused of genocide.”

The Bishop of St Albans, a member of the House of Lords, said, “I cannot remain silent in the face of China’s human rights abuses. They include imprisonment, sterilization, mass surveillance, and trials of religious leaders.

He also reported that Christians can no longer go to church unmolested by the state, Falun Gong practitioners were arrested and persecuted, mosques and church buildings were demolished, and dissidents were remanded to psychiatric hospitals indefinitely for challenging the government.

Massimo Introvigne, editor of Bitter Winter, also said, “The CCP has killed 50 million people, more than any other human in history.”

Lord Dennis Rogan added, “President Xi and his coterie rubbing its hands with glee” over the UK’s position on Taiwan, but had “no doubt that these words had the good people of Taiwan holding their heads in despair—and, indeed, fear.”

And Lord Raymond Collins wanted to know what the government was doing in regard to a possible ban on cotton produced by slave labor. He also asked about the  “disgusting issue of human organ farming?” “We need a much stronger approach.” 

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