The Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) restrictive policy of zero COVID-19, also called zeroing, caused the Chinese people to be affected by closures, strict controls, and especially heavy repression.

For the past two months, people have been confined to their homes in several cities such as Shanghai, Beijing, Henan, and northwest China.

This situation caused consternation among Chinese citizens because they were not even allowed to leave home to go to a hospital. There are no exceptions. Even if the person is at risk of death or if they need to leave for an emergency or to look for food, they must still comply with the confinement, and if they do not comply, they are beaten and even imprisoned.

For example, the video of an older man from the city of Dandong, Liaoning province, went viral on the Internet on June 21. In the video, a 70-year-old man can be seen very distressed but courageously expressing the terrible treatment that citizens, including the elderly, are subjected to because of the strict pandemic restriction measures. The older adult, even knowing the reprisals he could face from the CCP, dared not to remain silent and spoke his mind.

With his voice breaking, and choking with tears, the older man, in front of a policeman, said, “Let foreign countries see it!” as he was being recorded, according to a YouTube video.

“(I’m) 70 years old. I’ve never seen anything like this before.

Give me an explanation!

What can you do about the enemy? We are the people!

How can we let Dandong residents live? The people’s hearts are cold, and the city’s economy is collapsing!

Let foreign countries see that even North Korea is not like this! Twenty meters, 30 meters of a barbed-wire fence.

We are an unarmed people! Cops in uniform, dictating to the people! The streets are full of cops controlling the people!

Is this still a normal society? The people are now angry!

This compartmentalization is a sign of incompetence! Shameless, incompetent, inaction”!

Another similar case also occurred on the same day and in the same city: a woman worried about her father’s health, a sick, older adult. When she tried to take him to a hospital, they suffered police violence, and she and her father were arrested. The whole episode was also recorded on video, reported Apollo News.

In the June 21 images, the woman dressed in black can be seen carrying her sick father to the hospital. On the way, the policeman stops them and does a check on them. The woman shows him a certificate and the nucleic acid report issued by her community. The police thought they had yellow codes, and if so, the person was not allowed to go to the hospital.

After that, the woman said again, “I’m not seeing a doctor, I’m going home all right.”

The policeman would not allow them to go to the hospital or her house, and she was thrown to the ground when she tried to get into the car.

When the father saw his daughter being pushed, he angrily slapped the policeman. The policeman covered his face and asked another officer if she had recorded it. When his partner confirmed it, he immediately grabbed the woman as she got into her car and dragged her to the ground, where she lay crying.

The police also grabbed her father violently, and the weak older man collapsed to the ground with his hands holding his stomach.

The woman also showed her leg injury. She was distressed and cried, “I want to go to the hospital.”

On the evening of June 22, the CCP Dandong Public Security Bureau issued a statement explaining that the woman and the older man were detained because their health codes were yellow. The woman was charged with obstructing the police, and her father was arrested on suspicion of assaulting a police officer and taking coercive and criminal measures.

Following posting the video on Weibo on June 23, the official statement was published on the same social network and generated strong comments.

A Weibo user said: “redefine ‘not to cooperate with compliance with the epidemic prevention regulations,’ combined with the yellow code should be waiting to die at home, the certificate is useless.”

“First time standing citizen. People first, did the nucleic acid, second, opened the certificate, what do you want in the end ah? Anti-epidemic whole to now more and more confused! The people are still over but!” “The taxpayers’ money is used to feed this group of rice buckets, so that they are working over the people.”

Residents of Dandong and other cities find the Chinese government’s decision not to allow activities to resume inconceivable, as not only are they unable to work to pay their bills, but children have not been going to school since the quarantine began. They have no access to medical care.

The codes implemented to control the closures generated many problems for citizens, reported Bitter Winter.

For example, QR health codes are supposed to indicate on your cell phone if a person has tested positive for the virus, if they have recently been in contact with people who have tested positive, or if they are at risk. Also, since 2021, information about their vaccine status has been added.

Citizens to enter certain places must show their code, and if it is green, they are admitted. If it is red, they should be quarantined; if it is yellow, they are banned from entering some public buildings.

But, recently, citizens denounced that the color code assigned by the application is incorrect, meaning that health authorities can change the results. Many people protested because they were even denied access to places such as banks, shops, and hospitals, and if their codes were changed to red, they were forced to quarantine without having Covid-19.

For weeks now, Chinese citizens have been protesting against the CCP’s poor and negligent handling of the coronavirus, and most citizens are asking when the confinements will end?

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