Apollo Wang reported that a police officer fought with a Changyang city epidemic prevention employee on June 28. Their fight quickly went viral on social media because both were city employees. The newspaper said that this was an act of “dog biting dog.”

Video recorded by a witness describes the city police officer (blue shirt) using iron handcuffs to block an epidemic prevention worker (wearing a red shirt with the words “Changyang City Manager”). The two sides quickly rushed into each other, and a dispute broke out in the presence of the public.

The policeman, apparently, had not had a negative nucleic acid test for seven days, so he was stopped by the epidemic prevention staff.

During the dispute, the police said that the epidemic prevention staff obstructed the law enforcement officers, so they refused to give in.

The police repeatedly asked the epidemic prevention staff to cooperate while trying to find a way to handcuff him. Finally, the epidemic prevention worker said, “you can’t handcuff me.” The two sides repeatedly mentioned words like “nucleic acid” and “wearing a mask.”

There was a female colleague of the management staff standing beside and saying: “You are doing the work, we also do the work.”

Finally, the Beijing police stepped in. Apollo Wang cited a report by the Beijing Fangshan Public Security Bureau dated June 30 that said a conflict between a police officer from the Guangyang Police Department and an epidemic prevention officer on June 28 was under investigation. Fangshan Public Security Office added that police had “used police equipment in violation of regulations.”

After the incident went viral. Netizens left the following comments:

“Chinese police. City Administration. Even the soldiers. They all have one thing in common—they only hit the Chinese. Because these thugs are just sentinels. Allows to bite whoever their want. [Laughs] This country is about to fall.”

“City managers are the lowest-ranking henchmen and thugs of the Communist Party, not to stop protests and demonstrations, but to maintain a decent, comfortable, unhindered life, orderly for officials and nobles, free from the interference of the poor.”

“The sole purpose is to “use our best to plunder the money of the common people,” because after all, we should not shed blood to solve problems that can be solved with money! Then friends on Twitter asked, who is the thief? That is: the general staff, the National Security agencies, dignitaries, etc., the water thieves are all here!”

Mainland people have a negative perspective on the police and city management. The images that low-level officials of the Chinese Communist Party leave on the people are not very good.

A video shot on June 19 shows that in Tangshan, two policemen brutally beat a woman and left her unconscious in the middle of the street.

The policeman’s face after assaulting a woman showed no remorse. Instead, he had a gloating expression.

Nearby, the girl’s friend still tried to speak out against this action.

Another video released on June 27 depicted an officer pinning a resident to the ground and assaulting her while two other officers tried to push a nearby vehicle away. Netizens tweeted: “Will this place also affect the city look? The enforcement of urban management laws is becoming increasingly anti-human.”

Another video released on June 28 with the title “violence of urban management” depicts urban management staff smashing vendors’ goods on the sidewalk. Again, these men were dressed sloppily in shorts and tops over their pants.

A rare video released on June 29 depicts the scene of two very kind policemen helping people load goods into cars in heavy rain. However, at the end of the video, it was revealed that the rain was fake. Instead, it was created by a man standing on a nearby pickup truck and spraying water into the sky.

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