On the night before the city of Chengdu in China’s Sichuan province was locked down, several people were arrested by the police for leaking confidential information. On the eve of Chengdu easing the lockdown, an insider again leaked the secret, infuriating making the mayor and raising concerns, which netizens discussed enthusiastically.

According to Sina, on the evening of September 14, Chengdu officially announced that from 12 pm on September 15, many areas in Chengdu would have the lockdown order removed, and normal activities and production would gradually be re-established.

Although Chengdu announced the freeing up of some areas, other areas in the main metropolitan areas would remained closed; all residents outside the locked zone are not allowed in or out of the area unless absolutely necessary.

In addition, counties or cities outside the locked zone can gradually reopen food services. However, public entertainment and cultural and sports venues in the city continue to be suspended from business. The city is not allowed to hold large-scale offline conferences, and offline training activities, dancing in the square, and other gatherings; people were asked to not leave Chengdu if unnecessarily.

Right before the official announcement, the city government of Chengdu held an online conference on pandemic prevention and the county governments participated.

According to NetEase, during this meeting, officials from Qingyang District took pictures of the meeting with their mobile phones. The mayor of Chengdu was very angry. Then news of the mayor’s anger spread quickly.

The Qingyang District Party Committee and the county government are said to have conducted a “deep review” with the city Party Committee and the city government, saying that this time, people in Qingyang district took pictures of the meeting and uploaded them online, resulting in the leak of important meeting content. This will add chaos to the city’s pandemic prevention and control work and cause negative effects.

According to public information, Wang Fengchao is the vice governor of Sichuan Province and the mayor of Chengdu, and Shi Xiaolin is the secretary of the Chengdu City Party Committee. 

After this last leak, there has been no official announcement. However, the incident has attracted lively discussion from netizens.

A Weibo netizen with account Nishino Howling Eagle wrote, “Leaked internal news made the leader angry, the news of the angry leader spread, further angered the leader… The facts proved that the leadership organized a democratic and open meeting, a meeting in which all the people of the city could participate. It was a successful and festive meeting. It is a live broadcast .

Insider arrested for leaking secrets before the city was locked down

The 20th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party is coming, and authorities have stepped up pandemic control measures. Since August 20, 74 cities in China have been partially or completely locked down, affecting more than 300 million people.

However, few cities are as severely affected as Chengdu. In recent months, Chengdu has experienced drought, power outages, earthquakes, and lockdowns due to pandemic.

Chengdu was closed on September 1. It is another Chinese city with a population of more than 20 million that entered a locked state after Shanghai. As the control measures dragged on, people’s desperation grows.

On the eve of the lockdown of Chengdu, a person familiar with the matter was arrested by the police for leaking the government’s implementation plan ahead of time.

A mainland netizen with a social media account named “Rainforest” revealed in a group chat on August 29 that Chengdu, Sichuan province is about to be locked down and public transportation is to be suspended and Chengdu officials are discussing the launch of a lockdown and control plan. The news spread quickly and widely, and locals began stocking up on food and necessities.

The next day, Chengdu had not closed the city. “Rainforest” netizen was arrested by the police for allegedly “spreading false rumors, inciting online groups, causing confusion and disrupting pandemic prevention and control.” The defendant was detained for 15 days and fined 1,000 yuan ($142.40).

One day after the police arrested the “Rainforest,” a Chengdu official issued a notice to lock down the city: all residents of the city will have to stay at home, and not leave the city unless necessary. This action of the authorities has aroused the ridicule from netizens.

A netizen with the account SDBind said, “When ‘Rainforest’ was taken away and detained, many people criticized and applauded when he was severely punished. But when I woke up in the morning, early the next day, the market was out of stock, and the whole area was closed. It is not an exaggeration at all to say it was (a) crazy Thursday.”

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