Recently, in some areas of China, because of the endless lockdowns by authorities, protests have broken out. More and more Chinese people have begun to break through the lockdowns together.

According to a video shared by a netizen on Twitter, a number of residents believed to be from Chengdu, Sichuan province rushed through a lockdown gate together. Some security officers standing outside the gate didn’t dare do anything, but a woman in a brown coat recorded the scene on her phone, apparently reporting it to her superiors.

According to Aboluowang, netizens who saw the video left many comments, with one exclaiming, “(This woman) must be from the South, otherwise why is she so servile.”

Another said angrily: “The woman in the brown jacket who took the video is the most evil, you’ll see why!”

Some people posted a recent caricature of “Superman Chongqing,” who shouted “better to die than not be free” and scolded pandemic staff as henchmen, encouraging people to “stop paying the price for the pandemic and keep fighting until the end.”

Protests are popping up everywhere and people are breaking through the lockdowns. In the face of such strong actions, what the Chinese communist regime will do next is a concern.

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