According to a national security expert, the U.S. leadership should not underestimate China’s intention to rapidly expand its strategic and nuclear arsenal.

On April 19, Peter Pry, director of the U.S. Nuclear Strategy Forum at the Center for Security Policy, told the “China Insider” programm’s host that the Chinese Communist Party wasn’t just building up its power for deterrence factor. Its intention is to increase its nuclear power for global domination.

The Pentagon has estimated that China may amass its nuclear missiles population to 1,000 ones by 2030.

But Dr. Pry said the estimation has been undercounted. He said in reality Beijing could achieve four-fold the amount of what the Pentagon has proposed by 2030, judging by the speed of its current development.

After China and Russia join forces to make the United States lose its global leadership stance, Pry analyzed that the key goal of Beijing’s nuclear program was defeat Russia in the distant future.

He further added, “It’s not just over Taiwan. It’s taking the long view. It’s looking at the strategic balance of power.”

The national security expert also warned the West’s delusion of China and Russia having the same strategic culture as the U.S. was extremely dangerous.

He said, “I think the problem is a profound difference in the strategic cultures of authoritarian and totalitarian states versus free societies, democracies, like the United States.”

Beijing has formally declared that it would not be the first to use nuclear weapons. It means that the regime is committed to not initiating nuclear conflicts or using nuclear weapons against non-nuclear states.

However, there have been growing questions about whether the regime will keep that promise. Dr. Pry noted that China’s official media have already been threatening Australia and Japan with atomic aggression in recent months.

He believed the U.S. was slow in responding to the situation. He said the U.S. has taken a “30-year long vacation” from modernizing its nuclear arsenal. During this period, China and Russia have developed strategic capabilities that could counter or surpass U.S. defenses. One example is Bejing’s test of its nuclear-capable hypersonic weapon system last July.

Dr. Pry also said the link between American businesses and China is a significant hindrance to the U.S.

He said, “Many in Washington are still reluctant to accept this reality because the West has created so much wealth through trade with China.”

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