Following the detection of several clusters of COVID-19 in recent days, Beijing continues to tighten COVID pandemic restrictions.

China’s Beijing Municipal Government Information Office organized a press conference on May 11. The topic revolves around COVID’s prevention and control in Beijing.

Accordingly, there are now two new clusters of COVID-19 infections among employees.

One cluster of COVID is related to the data center of Rural Commercial Bank in the Shunyi District. Up to now, a total of 32 cases of infected people have been reported, including 25 cases of employees and 7 cases of employees’ family members and friends.

The other cluster was identified at the third company of the China Railway Eleventh Bureau in Fangshan District. With the first case of infection found on May 8, now a total of 15 cases have been reported.

The two new clusters of COVID infections include eight districts: Shunyi District, Haidian District, Fengtai District, Chaoyang District, Tongzhou District, and Fangshan District.

From April 22 to 3 p.m. on May 10, the city recorded 836 COVID-infected people in 15 areas: 329 cases in Chaoyang District and 226 cases in Fangshan District.

As CCTV News reported, more than 70 Beijing Metro stations, including 13 lines, were closed for management on May 10 morning.

Beijing officials now have identified 21 high-risk areas and 34 medium-risk areas in the city.

From May 12, people who go to public venues must have a nucleic acid test report within 48 hours.

Beijing has not imposed a citywide lockdown. Yet, many people are worried that Beijing could have the same fate as Shanghai.

A Beijing resident named Li told Chinese media news outlet Da Ji Yuan that he felt he didn’t want to go out because of the inconvenience of the required nucleic acid certificates.

Li added that the hospital will be closed if there is any COVID positive result. Li said everyone is now very afraid of being infected.

Another Beijing resident, Wang, told Da Ji Yuan that the lockdown would not allow people to leave their homes. Then, residents have to order food online and buy them at a high price.

Wang stated that everyone now worries that Beijing can become the next Shanghai.

Beijing has lately adopted another extreme pandemic prevention measure. Accordingly, residents living on the same floor of the infected household will be taken away for quarantine. Many netizens said that the policy was ridiculous and unscientific.

Also, many videos posted on the Internet show that the government has installed cage nets on fences and gates. These cage nets will prevent residents from fleeing.

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