At CPAC held in Orlando on Feb. 26, former deputy national security adviser Kathleen Troia McFarland made comments on China and Russia in an interview with the “China Insider” program.

She said that the greatest strategic threat is the China-Russia alliance.
McFarland explained that the combination of Chinese technology, money, and its ruthlessness at wolf warrior diplomacy with Russian natural resources and military capabilities poses a really formidable problem for the United States.

McFarland’s remarks came after Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese leader Xi Jinping met on Feb. 4th and signed a 5,000 words joint statement immediately launching an “unlimited” partnership. The statement noted that the alliance of two states would have “no ‘forbidden’ areas of cooperation”.

In addition, China joined Russia in condemning NATO’s eastward expansion in a statement, while Russia accepted China’s opinion on the Taiwan issue, declaring that the self-governing island is “an inalienable of China.”

On the same day, Russian State Energy company Gazprom signed a 30-years agreement with Chinese State Oil company, CNPC, which allows China to deliver natural gas to China through a new pipeline linking Far East Russia to Northern China.

According to McFarland, this combined with China’s recent abstention on a U.N. resolution to call on Moscow to stop the invasion of Ukraine showed that Putin and Xi are “in the same league.”

She said that once Xi decides to make a move against Taiwan, it is absolutely certain that Putin will respond by repeating China’s political stance on Taiwan.

Last October, Xi Jinping claimed that the unification of Taiwan and mainland China would “definitely be carried out.”

McFarland added: “I think that is the mind game they are playing”.

The Chinese communist regime has repeatedly refused to condemn Russia’s aggression against Ukraine as well as regard Russia’s attack as an invasion. On February 28th, China stood by Russia again as the two states voted against a UN Human Rights Council’s emergency debate on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Taiwan, an independent regime, has imposed sanctions against Russia. On March 1st, Taiwan’s Executive Yuan President Su Tseng-chang (蘇貞昌) said that Taiwan would join the US and other countries in blocking certain Russian banks from accessing the SWIFT international payment system.

In her interview, McFarland stated that: “If China controls Taiwan, not only does it give strategic military position on the South China Sea and all the trade, it goes through the most important world maritime trade route in the South China Sea, it also puts China in position to control Taiwan’s microprocessor industry.”

Taiwan’s microprocessor industry, or chip industry, manufactures some of the world’s most advanced semiconductors, the microchips which power smartphones, computers, combat aircraft, and even missile systems. Taiwan is also home to the world’s largest contract chipmaker, TSMC.

McFarland believed that the US would face a supply chain crisis if China were to take control of Taiwan’s chip manufacturing plant.

She explained that the ambitions of China are not only to occupy Taiwan and become the most important country in the world, but also to smash world order after World War II and recreate a new order headed by China, in which all countries will pay “tribute” and “worship.”

“China’s plan is to pick us all off one at a time, and pick off Taiwan, and maybe pick off Vietnam, and then work it way around to pick off Australia,” she said, predicting that the so-called “partnership” would only happen in a short period of time.

McFarland concluded that, “At the end of the day, the Chinese are going to turn on the Russian once they get what they want.”

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