Hebei veteran brutally beaten by police when protesting for the takeover of his farmland

Wang Yonghong, a farmer in Hebei Province and veteran of the army, suffered numerous beatings for holding signs in defense of his rights due to the takeover of his arable land. On July 25, he was beaten by the police once more for holding a sign. He is currently on a hunger strike at the local police station as a form of protest.

Wang Yonghong, who lives in Wuji County, Shijiazhuang City, was beaten twice when trying to defend his rights over the occupation of his farmland. On July 25, he went to the local police station and showed a sign to protest: “The cops and the bandits are one family, the people who cause issues and people who find solutions are all in the same group.” 

He was assaulted once more and held in custody for ten days. He started a hunger strike at Lichengdao Police Station to protest as the police were not providing him with a physical examination report. As of August 1, the hunger strike had been going on for eight days. 

Due to a hunger strike, Wang Yonghong was released from custody early on July 29. He was beaten so brutally by police at the police station that he couldn’t get up, and he had a medical checkup before being sent to the detention center. The exam report had already been received from the hospital by the police station, but they kept denying him access to it.

Chinese-language media Da Ji Yuan cited Wang Yonghong on July 31, “I was beaten so much that I couldn’t get up. I want to see the results of the examination. I have to evaluate my injuries. If I have an injury, I should be hospitalized.”

For days, he has sought help from Secretary Ge of the Wuji County Political and Legal Committee and the Wuji County Public Security Bureau Inspector, but no one has responded to him. At present, Wang Yonghong is still on a hunger strike at the Lichengdao Police Station.

Wang said, on July 25, he visited the police station to speak with director Ren Kangwei about the issue. Ren told him to wait. Wang Lihong, the instructor, attempted to remove the protest sign he was holding. There was an argument. Everyone in the station came out. 

He continued, “Yang Junbo came, handcuffed me, dragged me down. He put his knees on my chest. I was almost breathless. And he slammed my head more than ten times. Next, on the same day, I was detained for ten days.”

On July 28, the police took Wang Yonghong to Jinzhou Hospital for a full-body CT. They took him to the detention center. That night, Director Sun of the detention center said the police station would send the medical examination results tomorrow.

On July 29, Director Sun informed Wang that his detention was lifted. The police station will not take his inspection results. In the afternoon, the police station asked Sun Zhangang, a Liguizi Village cadre, to pick him up and return to the police station.

Wang Yonghong went to Jinzhou County Hospital to get the test results before returning to the police station. The hospital said someone had already taken it away at 9 o’clock last night. “I haven’t yet seen my physical test results at the police station. He repeatedly lied to me, claiming he hadn’t received the test results.”

He said, “Then I will wait at the police station until the test results are given to me. I was beaten so hard that I couldn’t get out of bed and was detained for ten days. He was not even ashamed to handle his case. The bandits can’t do this either!”

He continued that on March 17, they were ready to arrest him due to road construction issues on his property, so he dialed 110. They didn’t question him when the special police and the police station arrived. But his bones were broken, his hands were forcibly shackled, and he was taken back to the police station for more than 28 hours by Yang Junbo, a police officer from Lichengdao Police Station, and others. So far, he has not been appraised for his injuries nor filed a case.

Wang Yonghong reminded, “on October 28 last year, more than a dozen people beat me and identified second-level minor injuries. The public security has filed a case. It has been nine months, but no one has been arrested. I gave the video to the police at that time.”

Da Ji Yuan reporter called Secretary Ge of the Political and Legal Committee of Wuji County and asked for Wang Yonghong’s hunger strike at the police station. He asked, “What’s the matter?” The reporter said, “Didn’t he (Wang Yonghong) send you a text message?” He hung up the phone immediately.

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