On April 27, Australia’s Home Affairs Minister Karen Andrews said that Beijing was aware of Australia’s federal election campaign on May 21. It will very likely send troops to the Solomon Islands.

Provisions in the leaked draft authorize Chinese security and naval deployments to the Solomon Islands. It states that Chinese troops would be able to protect their personnel’s safety and essential projects.

ABC quoted her statement, “Why now, why right in the middle of a federal election campaign? We talk about political interference, and that has many forms.”

Meanwhile, Australia’s spy director Andrew Shearer claimed on April 26 that Chinese police deployed to the Solomon Islands as part of the accord. China would adopt ruthless tactics similar to quash anti-government protesters in Hong Kong.

Last month Shearer visited the Pacific island country to persuade the Solomon Islands Prime Minister not to sign the treaty with China.

Shearer is also concerned about the impact of Chinese police on security operations’ unity of command.

He also saw the Chinese policing techniques and tactics deployed so ruthlessly in Hong Kong. It is completely inconsistent with the Pacific way of resolving issues and could incite further instability and violence in the Solomon Islands.

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