Chinese people routinely under tight COVID policy

Recently, a video about family life during the control period went viral on the Internet.

 The footage shows a woman from Heilongjiang playing mahjong with her family via video call. The game has lost its interesting part as players cannot draw their cards but have to direct others to take them. 

However, they have no way out as the authorities do not allow large gatherings or bans leaving the controlled areas to prevent the spread of the COVID pandemic. They use video calls to talk and share moments together. 

Police have broken into people’s houses and warned them not to gather to play the game during the lockdown, even using force. Although most have felt angry, they have to accept or get a sanction.

Not only are people prevented from gathering, officials also ask people to wear masks to eat, which sounds confusing and even ridiculous to many people. 

A trending video from September 26 shows the manager of an empty restaurant preparing to eat noodles. Two police officers went in to check it out. They asked the manager to put on a mask.

He angrily replied: “I’m about to eat, should I still wear it?”

Policeman: “You can put it on when you don’t eat, and you can take it off when you eat.”

The boss then could only laugh and said, “you are all devils”

After watching the video, many people can only think of designing a special mask that can be used according to the rules without having to put it on and take it off after every bite.

‘Rose cloud’ in Shanxi sky, floating for more than one hour

On September 26, some citizens discovered the special clouds shaped like brilliant roses.

A video shared on the Internet shows a cloud with a long trail and a head coiling into many colorful rings. People commented it looks like a rose floating in the sky in Xinzhou, Shanxi province. This cloud stayed in the sky for more than an hour.

On the same day, a cloud of similar shape also appeared in Shijiazhuang City, and people said it was the first time they saw such a strange sight.

According to experts, this kind of luminous swirling cloud is a special phenomenon left after the launch of a spacecraft or other flying object. It was formed by a combination of an air puff and a dark sky background.

Jiangxi drought endangers the Yangtze finless porpoise

This year, lack of rain and prolonged heat have caused the middle and lower reaches of China’s Yangtze River basin to dry up.

The fish known as the “national treasure” is the Yangtze finless porpoise. It is an endemic species to the Yangtze River in China, and it is currently endangered. The reasons are deteriorating water quality and lack of food sources, which increases the likelihood of finless porpoises becoming stranded.
As reported by ifengs, more than 20 finless porpoises were unable to return safely to Poyang Lake and remained in the Rui flood zone on the Xinjiang River. This place became the temporary home of these finless porpoises.

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