A Chinese mother who mocked her son’s teacher for riding a bike to school claimed he would set a bad example as her son has ridden in a BMW since birth. The mother said if the teacher is too poor to afford a car, it will make her son think “study is useless.” The incident fuelled a public outcry on China’s social media. 

The incident was leaked from a teacher-parent private group chat. Internet users criticized the mother for being too materialistic and rude.

It happened in June when the teacher named Wang was riding a bike on the way to work, he encountered his student and his mother. They greeted each other and went on their ways.

Later on, when Wang arrived at school, he found a weird message from the student’s mother in the teacher-parent private WeChat group.   

The message showed that the son’s mother recommended that he should buy a car instead of riding a bike to work. 

Wang explained that he really enjoyed riding a bicycle and added that his home was not far away from the school. The mother then said that it would be inconvenient for him when it rained. The teacher replied that it would be good to take a walk to school when it rained with an umbrella.

At this time, the son’s mother stated her real intention of convincing the teacher to buy a car. The South China Morning Post  translated the conversation as follows:

She wrote: “My son has been riding in a BMW since his birth. The people around him all have luxury cars. You are his teacher. You ride a bicycle. What will he think, in your opinion?”

The woman went on and said that if he rides a bike to work, her son would think that “a teacher can’t make money and studying is useless.” 

There are nearly 60 parents in the private group chat. Parents in the group condemned the woman and defended teacher Wang.

One parent said. “Since your family is so wealthy and you detest teacher Wang for not having a car, why don’t you buy him a car?”

The parent continued, “You are concerned that the teacher riding a bike will affect your child’s education, right? Aren’t you willing to take out such a small amount of money from your pocket?” 

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