“June 4 Skynet” citizen reporter Wang Jing, from Jilin now living in exile in the United States, said in an interview that the CCP has been monitoring her online speech, and the police in the jurisdiction threatened her sister with freezing Wang Jing’s property.

According to Wang Jing, the police threatened her sister twice. They warned her sister not to provide any more funding to Wang Jing, including Wang Jing’s house rents. The police also added that they would freeze Wang Jing’s private property. This made Wang Jing’s sister feel terrified.

In addition, Wang Jing’s tenants were also threatened by the Jilin police. They have no longer dared to live in and asked to check out.

On July 26, Wang Jing told a reporter, “My sister was terrified. She said that this was the last time we had contact, and she would never interact with me again. She also told me to take care and don’t blame her. She still has a son. She is afraid that her imprisonment will affect her.”

Her sister said that the police showed her some screenshots of Wang Jing’s online remark, including one about Japan’s Abe and one about Wang Jing’s refusal to join the anti-Trump group.”

Wang Jing added, “It seems that the police also gave my sister a task to persuade me to turn back. The CCP wants to shut me up by threatening my family and property in China.”

Before that, in June 2021, Wang Jing was constantly harassed by phone calls. She said, “The CCP also uses telecommunications, Internet, and other means to terrorize and harass anti-communist people in the United States. It is promoting the anti-human model in China to the world.”

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