Chinese police use money to light cigarettes

Chinese people are still struggling to make money in the context of the Covid epidemic and natural disasters raging everywhere. Therefore, any money earned has cost them sweat and tears.

But a video leaked online showing the actions of a Chinese police officer made everyone angry. Dressed in uniform with a police identification number, the officer arrogantly burned a 100-yuan bill (worth about $14.80) to light a cigarette. Unfortunately, other police officers around are encouraging him.

Is their money so easy to earn that they see it as a piece of paper to burn?

Haikou suddenly enforces temporary lockdown management

Haikou, a city directly under Hainan province, has now implemented stricter management measures to control the Covid-19 epidemic.

According to Sina, the Haikou city health authorities released a notice of the temporary lockdown of Haikou city from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. to restrict the flow of people on August 8th.

Accordingly, Haikou’s residential compounds and buildings citywide are closed. Residents are not allowed to go out unless necessary and are directed to work from home. Besides, public places and stores are temporarily closed except for essential businesses such as agricultural markets, supermarkets, pharmacies, hospitals, etc.

As reported by NetEase, flights to and from Haikou Airport were also unexpectedly canceled.

According to NTD, many visitors were stranded at hotels. A person trapped in Haikou lamented on Weibo, “The epidemic prevention policy is the same as in Sanya, but there is no discount on room and board for the trapped people.”

The situation in Sanya is not much better. Video shared on the internet shows trapped passengers from Atlantis Sanya shouting in the hotel lobby: “Discount the room rate!” on August 8th.

Up to now, Hainan has eight places in a state of semi-lockdown. Including the main cities Dongfang, Sanya, Lingshui, Danzhou, Qionghai, Manning, Chengmai, and Haikou.

Another heat wave hits Henan

On August 7th, the Henan Meteorological Observatory issued a high-temperature orange warning.

During the day on the 7th, the highest temperature in most of the province will rise above 37℃. And the maximum temperature in some counties and cities will increase to above 40℃.

According to GMW, it is expected that from August 9th to 10, the maximum temperature in southern Henan will be 38℃ to 40℃. Some counties and cities in the south are above 40°C

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