Once again, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) revealed a controversial control strategy for the indoctrination of primary and secondary school students.

The CCP has sought to increase citizens’ trust in the regime through the “Xi Jinping’s Thought” campaign in schools and the New Era Civilization Practice Centers. However, the Chinese regime has established that retired military personnel with “strong political convictions” will provide military and political instruction in schools. In principle, they will work on the military training of students in physical education.

The Ministry of Veterans Affairs, the Ministry of Education, the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League, the National Youth Work Committee, and other departments issued a new regulation called “Opinions on making good use of red resources to strengthen patriotism and education in youth.” Primary and junior high school students should learn the feeling of love for the CPC, patriotism, and socialism from army veterans. 

In January 2022, the CCP demanded that all students be “educated for the Party.” Accordingly, the General Office of the CCP Central Committee put together the plan: Opinions on Establishing the System of Primary Responsibility for the Leadership of Party Organizations in Primary and Secondary Schools, with the aim of “strengthening” control because, according to the Chinese regime, not all principals and teachers understand that “the Party’s overall leadership over education is the fundamental guarantee for the smooth running of education.”

For this reason, Jiujiang, Nanchang, and other cities in Jiangxi organized “revolutionary thinking” summer camps for more than 200 primary and middle school students. They learned about the “revolutionary bases” of the Red Army and the exploits of Chairman Mao and other revolutionary leaders, classifying them as “very brave” and ordering the children “to always keep Chairman Mao in their hearts.”

Students in Red Army uniforms have become an essential part of school curricula nationwide.

As part of their training, students are taught to reject religion as superstition and to believe in the party and science. Teachers also encourage students to actively denounce believers “We must dedicate our lives to the motherland.”

On the other hand, the CCP also began to engage in other tactics to attract younger children to have a passion for defending their country. 

At the 30th National Book Fair in Jinan, the CCP authorized the launch of a military Encyclopedia for children ages 6 to 15 to indoctrinate on national defense, military uniforms, weapons recognition, equipment, war strategies, and even military exercises. 

The purpose of making children have a passion for war?

Throughout its history, the Chinese regime has demonstrated that indoctrination from kindergarten is fundamental to the survival of the CCP. The little ones receive political instruction, which they must pass; otherwise, they are not allowed to graduate to the next grade.

Integrating military veterans into the educational system is intended to establish ideologically-minded role models in socialism, achieve unconditional obedience and transform students into soldiers “cold as the harshest of winters” to fight with the enemy. 

Minors are forced to read books on the birth of Chinese communism, the heroism of revolutionary leaders, the Chinese Civil War, and the like during their summer vacation. 

CCP concerned about the limited number of its troops

The consequences of the one-child policy have worked against China’s military. The insistence on indoctrinating and training children may be because of the low number of Chinese soldiers, with whom it could not sustain a war over time.

“More than 70% of Chinese soldiers are ‘only children,'” said Kinichi Nishimura, a military analyst and former expert on the North Korean military at Japan’s Defense Ministry.

Due to the Red Army’s terrible massacres of the Chinese people, such as the Cultural Revolution, the Tiananmen Massacre, and the bloody persecutions of people for their faith, people have lost trust and respect for CCP soldiers. 

“Good steel does not become nails,” is a Chinese saying that means respectable people do not become soldiers.

Chinese youth are no longer interested in joining the armed forces, and parents do not want to see their children die either. 

In recent years, the CCP has tried to attract the population to its troops by improving salaries and pensions and enacting laws to protect the status and interests of military personnel. 

However, the level of recruitment did not increase, and the significant decrease in the fertility rate “has caused their operating bases to be not exactly high.” Thus the number of soldiers to handle high-tech weapons, like fighter jets, is low. Instead, the Chinese military relies heavily on drones and ballistic missiles. The number of ballistic missiles deployed by the People’s Liberation Army added more unmanned combat aircraft, ships, and submarines.

These desperate strategies show that the CCP’s ideology is eroding and its power has greatly diminished, even if it is not apparent on the surface. Chinese society is waking up more and more every day, and the Chinese regime’s days are numbered.

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