The “Zero covid” policy adopted by the Chinese regime to control the epidemic has affected the economy and the lives of residents. In addition, it recently issued a new policy with the name “Nine aren’t allowed,” which has attracted public opinion.

China Central Television, CCTV reported Lei Zhenglong, deputy director of the Disease Control Bureau of China’s National Health Commission, declared on June 5 that the overall epidemic is slowing down in China. However, some areas still have new outbreaks.

The so-called “Nine aren’t allowed,” which is to stop the arbitrary implementation of anti-epidemic guidelines as before. Such as not extending the isolation and health monitoring time of risk personnel; refusing to provide medical services for critically ill patients and patients requiring regular diagnosis and treatment on the grounds of epidemic prevention and control; isolation of college students who are eligible to leave school and return home and so on.

The Chinese National Health Commission’s “Nine aren’t allowed” measures are being interpreted as an instruction to reverse excessive closures and control.

Tang Hao, a veteran media personality and host of the “Crossroads of the World,” told “Looking at China” that the “Nine aren’t allowed” issued by the Chinese Health Care Commission are actually “Nine throwing the blame.”

He said that “Nine aren’t allowed” on the surface is to make amends and correct local officials’ excessive implementation of policies. However, Beijing wants to blame local governments and grassroots officials for the severe economic damage and secondary disasters. This action to maintain the nice look of the CCP eliminates all negative factors that are unfavorable to victory at the 20th National Congress.

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