According to New Talk, people in Huludao city, Liaoning province, have recently suffered from air pollution. 

Sun Jian, a resident of the Longgang district, says since the beginning of this year, he has often smelled “sweet almond” in the air. It caused some symptoms, such as numbness and rhinitis.

He adds that authorities say they conducted investigations against four companies suspected of illegal emissions leading to pollution.

After the strict lockdown was lifted, many enterprises gradually resumed work, but the odor in the air became heavier. 

Sun Jian says when the east wind blows, it smells of sweet almonds, and when the northeast wind blows, it turns into chocolate. Several flavors are also mixed into the smell of ultraviolet disinfection.

Residents pointed their fingers at many enterprises in Longgang district, Huludao Economic Development Zone, and high-tech industrial parks.

Huludao resident Wang Hong also says that since she moved to the community in 2016, she has recognized a pungent smell at midnight. In July this year, her nose started to clog up. The doctor told her that the air in the Longgang district is poor quality, so now Wang Hong wears an industrial dust mask when she goes out; otherwise, she will have a sore throat when breathing.

Residents provided reporters with a copy of a report on the peculiar smell in the city’s area by the Huludao Municipal Bureau of Ecology and Environment. It indicates there was a fire in March this year. During the disposal of hazardous waste in stock after the accident, the volatile gas overflowed intermittently, which caused the problem of surrounding odors.

In mid-April, Xingming Environmental Protection stopped its disposal. However, in mid-May, the Huludao Ecological Environment Bureau conducted a comprehensive inspection of three local companies. It found that the temporary storage of hazardous waste was not sealed properly. 

In addition, odors in the Beigang and Longgang areas differ from the hazardous wastes disposed of by Xingming Environmental Protection. The bureau stated that it has inspected Liaoning Xianda,  Agricultural Science Co., Ltd. in Beigang Economic Development Zone and found that the odor in the plant was evident and odorous raw materials were stored outside the workshop.

On July 5, a local press conference was held to respond to the air odor problem. The enterprises involved will carry out particular enforcement actions. Currently, 21 companies have been inspected, and 31 problems have been found. Among them, 4 companies are suspected of exceeding the standard emission and other illegal issues.

Wang Hong says Huludao used to be a beautiful coastal city. She hopes authorities will return a beautiful Huludao to the residents and later generations. Therefore, everyone can have clean air, clean water, and soil.

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