Hong Kong media Mingpao reported on May 23rd that at the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Xi Jinping will receive the title of “leader” to add to the title of “core of the party.”

He would become the second party and state leader with that honorary title after Mao Zedong.

Step by step to ensure long-lasting political power

Xi was named the party’s “core” at the sixth plenary session in 2016. Xi Jinping Thought was put into the party’s constitution a year later. [Picture 1] Students will study his ideology in the new September school term. Beijing even aims to extend Xin Jinping Thought to children from the age of 7. The regime’s notice said teachers must plant seeds of “loving the party, the country, and socialism in young hearts.”

In 2018, China eliminated presidential term limits under which the president “shall serve no more than two consecutive terms,” allowing Xi to rule indefinitely.

Susan Shirk served as the U.S. deputy assistant secretary of state under Bill Clinton. She said, “What is going on here is that Xi Jinping is setting himself up to rule China as a strongman, a personalistic leader—I have no problem calling it a dictator—for life.”

This fall, he will be awarded the title of “leader” at the 20th National Congress. He will become the most powerful and influential party and state leader in China since Mao Zedong.

Recent promotions for re-election

Since May 1st, Chinese media Xinhua News has launched creative posters to review the golden sentences of Xi. It aims to encourage appreciation for Xi’s ideological style and broad feelings.

Xinhua then on May 22nd posted a trailer of Xi’s political achievements over the past 40 years. In addition, there are 50 episodes of short films to promote Xi, which CCTV has broadcast since May 23.

According to the trailer, the public needs to know about Xi Jinping’s achievements.

Jin Qiu, a senior media person in mainland China, said the campaign must begin six months in advance of the 20th National Congress. After a period of review and approval, these promotional videos are now being broadcast. They would garner increasing public debate.

Possible aftermath of Xi Jinping’s additional title

Feng Chongyi, an expert on China at a Sydney University, said that if Xi gains the party chairmanship, he would officially become the “leader.” He added that just like Mao Zedong in those days, he would go all the way to the level of the Cultural Revolution, and everybody would suffer.

Kerry Brown, the Director of the China Institute at King’s College, London, shared his understanding in an interview with “Voice of America.”

Brown said Xi is likely to be re-elected after the 20th National Congress. However, he pointed out that Xi’s most challenging and biggest threat remains economic matters.

Brown added that if as many as 500 million people in the middle class feel that they are losing their savings, unable to make money, and that their lives are worse now than they have ever been, it would be hugely damaging to the leadership of the CCP.

If Xi’s policies continue to cause the recession, the most unpredictable outcome is the complete collapse of the CCP regime and everything that follows.

It then becomes a problem for China and the whole world. The uncertainty is huge. But with the current CCP dictatorship, this is entirely possible.

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