China is currently experiencing a demographic catastrophe due to the severe policies of the Chinese leadership

According to a report by China’s First Finance and Economics on July 23, 29 provinces released the birth population data for 2021, with many witnessing a “precipitous decrease.” 

According to reports in the mainland media, fewer babies are being born in many provinces, illustrating a trend of abrupt fall.

Several provinces have historically low birth rates.

Shandong, which previously held the number one area for births, saw a 57.1% drop in childbirth in 2021 (750,400 babies) compared to 2017 (near 1,750,000 babies); a 43.4% drop in Henan; a 47.9% drop in Hunan; and a 40.6% drop in Jiangxi.

Especially the number of newborns in Anhui in 2017 was 984,000, a sharp drop of 47.6% by 2021.

According to the report, Dong Yuzheng, a population expert and director of the Guangdong Provincial Population Development Research Institute, analyzed that there are many factors for the continued decline in the birth rate. 

First, the main reason for the sharp drop in China’s birth population is the “one-child” policy of forced birth control, which pushed forced abortions and sterilizations and has also caused a reduction in the number of women in fertile age. 

Second is the decline in the willingness to bear children. The high cost of childcare and the loss of hope in the future are some of the reasons, especially as people have suffered the tightness of the Zero Covid policy.

Third, the Covid 19 epidemic has also affected fertility.

Young people and new graduates face economic recession and an increase in unemployment and underemployment rates. 

The now-banned “We are the last generation” hashtag, which became viral last May due to the draconian Zero-Covid measures, showed young people’s anger and disappointment.

People have also used it to fire back at China’s regime for now pushing the population birth rate. Although the government is now pushing for more babies and reversed the one-child policy some years ago, it is not being successful.

An insufficient birth population means a lack of future labor force and an aging society, with young people having to take on the burden of the older ones. 

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