Just as the world was encircling the CCP for its intimidating Taiwan, Twitter founder Jack Dorsey suddenly posted a three-word tweet, “End the CCP,” which aroused the attention of global netizens.

The link attached to Jack Dorsey’s tweet was a CNN report on China’s zero prevention and control. It was timely in that it coincided with the Chinese Wolf Warrior launching the Taiwan Strait crisis to threaten the security of the Asia-Pacific after U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan. The founder of Twitter declared the eradication of the Communist Party made the outside world pay attention.

In reply to Dorsey’s tweet, CNN’s reporter Selina Wang wrote: “Life in Beijing: relentless covid testing & health app that dictates where I go. Green code is needed to enter public areas. Red means quarantine/isolation. Authorities track people’s movements thru these apps. Concern is this surveillance will stay long after covid is gone.”

After Dorsey’s tweet, a row erupted in the message area, and some netizens exclaimed: “Has Jack Dorsey’s account been hacked?” “You will be banned from Twitter,” some netizens lavished praise, “Jack Dorsey is awake, I like it;” and Hong Kong Netizens left a message saying, “Xi Jinping’s China is really terrible.” On the other hand, many netizens queried Dorsey: “CCP officials and foreign propagandists send messages through Twitter, why don’t you block them (the CCP)?”

A netizen retorted Jack Dorsey, “You dare to say that because you have no business dealings with China, but most American companies do business with China, including your friend Musk, who caused the shock when praised China not long ago.”

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