The food problem 

Dandong city in Liaoning province of China has been closed for more than a month. It’s so difficult for many residents to have regular meals every day. However, according to NTDTV, the officials and businessmen continue to make money from materials donated for pandemic prevention. A video shows an apartment complex staff discarding many lunch boxes and police coming to the site to retrieve the dumpster as they try to destroy any evidence.

The video, released on May 28, shows many lunch boxes thrown into the trash. A Liaoning-speaking woman scolds, “The lunch box is still intact and has been thrown away, while citizens all don’t have enough food to eat.” In the following video, two policemen and some civil servants come and attempt to pull the trash away, but angry residents try to grab the garbage back.

Chinese authorities have closed many cities across the country. Videos show epidemic prevention workers throwing away food donated from other places or officially distributed in some areas of Shanghai.

Netizen Whiskey Juliet also posted another video showing a large amount of food piled up on the street; many packages ripped and crushed on top of one another. The man filming the video says, “Some get too much while others get none. That’s unfair.”

As Bloomberg reported on April 21, officials ordered some apartment complexes in Shanghai to get rid of food that they received from the government after some complaints about the quality. This decision has increased disappointment for residents locked inside their homes for weeks while the city struggled to recover from the worst epidemic outbreak in China.

After the official announcement, at least two districts in Pudong, Shanghai, have warned the residents about some mold inside duck and meatball or some problems with the food packaging distributed by the government to residents in lockdown.   

According to the Straits Times, Pudong District has investigated problems with food packages distributed by the government. Two local government officials were fired in the Minhang district for delivering poor-quality pork to the community in mid-June.

A resident named Chen Man told China Economic Weekly that she felt nauseous after opening a package containing duck legs braised with Indochina Dragonplum, distributed by the government.

“The braised duck legs were really smelly. It was already rotten,” she said.

The Straits Times claimed that the silent anger also led to the strongest criticism against the government for many years. The community has become increasingly tired of the extreme epidemic prevention measures.

However, it’s not only that the local authorities have not preserved the food or provided poor quality food. A newly released video disclosed that epidemic prevention workers have thrown away good food into the bins instead of delivering them to locked residents who could not buy food for themselves, as reported by residents at the scene.

This video was recorded in Dandong city, where all apartment complexes and neighborhoods have been under lockdown since April 25. 

The problem of access to health care

Besides, other disasters of Shanghai’s tight lockdown continue to surface.

A few days ago, a video posted on the Internet showed some residents complaining that positive test results from the authorities could be false. Those (testing results) made some pregnant women unable to get treatment at the hospitals and lost their pregnancies. However, the official said it “is not a (very) big issue.”

A viral video posted on May 28 said, “A false-positive case in Sunac complex Riverside 1 could not get treatment, which led to stillbirth, but the officials said that’s not a big problem.” Sunac Riverside 1 is a luxury complex in Expo Riverside in the Huangpu District of Shanghai.

In the video, an old man complained to the crowd that his family member tested “positive” on May 16 and May 17, and the health code turned red, but it went back to green 5 days later. The testing result was suddenly negative on May 25. So, his family member “tested positive for 10 days.” Consequently, the pregnant woman in his family could not get medical treatment and had a stillbirth.

The man added that his family had paid 27,000 dollars for a Maternity Hospital to give birth, and they had not expected that they must pay 9,000 dollars extra for the miscarriage afterward. While the pregnant lady asked for medical treatment, she made countless calls to different government agencies, but no one helped solve the problem.

The old man pointed at the business card on an official’s shirt and berated “inhuman government.” The observers also criticized: “Isn’t it a big issue? How could you say such a thing?” It seems that the official previously stated, “that’s not a big issue.”

The Shanghai authorities have strictly blocked and controlled the city as they pursued a “zero covid” policy, which led to countless residents’ tragedies. Several people died from not being treated in time. In addition, the continuous testing led to confusion, and many testing sites were accused of giving false-positive results.

As Sina reported on May 12, Shanghai (Zhongke) Runda Precision Medical Laboratory was discovered that it had provided false test results, making a large number of “false-positive” cases, which were investigated afterward.

Sina claimed that Runda has two fixed testing sites in Hongkou District and Pudong New Area in Shanghai (with a productivity of over 300,000 test tubes per day). At the annual performance meeting in 2021, Runda revealed that the company ranks in the top 3 companies with the largest scale of covid test samples in Shanghai.

After the news was revealed, many residents became more anxious at the possibility that such a large number of test results were false. 

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