Following the recent explosion on November 21 at the Taiyuan chemical plant in Shanxi province, the Chinese communist regime has not yet launched a full investigation to determine the causes of the incident and the total number of victims. In this regard, many people are worried because about 1300 professionals and technicians were working in the industrial plant.

The chemical plant is one of the leading military artillery factories of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), established in 1954.

So far, the CCP official media has reported very little about the accident. Authorities said that the explosion was at 5:30 pm and that they managed to extinguish the fire, but did not know the number of victims.

The powerful explosion caused landslides, shattered roofs and glass exploding from windows, seriously injuring people.

The explosion shook houses and buildings, causing neighbors to run out of their homes. 

“It was so loud it rang within 5 kilometers,” said a resident 

Although firefighters were able to extinguish the fire, several security cameras captured the severity of the explosion.

Unfortunately, China has a history of industrial accidents caused by the lack of safety measures and gross corruption of its officials.

Last September 2, 2021, the same plant also exploded, authorities said that only some employees were injured, but did not provide further information.

Another explosion exposing CCP corruption 

Explosion 321 was a terrible accident that occurred, on March 21, 2019, at the Tianjiayi chemical plant in Chenjiagang Jiangsu. The explosion killed more than 78 people and seriously injured some 617, according to an official count, but it is estimated that the number of victims could be higher.

The cause of the accident was that the nitrification waste illegally stored for a long time in the Tianjiayi company’s solid waste repository continued to accumulate heat and become hot, which led to the explosion. 

However, it was never determined why officials did not use the money to conduct the mandatory inspections, or what they did with the money.

 The accident investigation team determined that the Tianjiayi company ignored national safety and environmental protection laws and regulations.

Chemical plant authorities deliberately concealed reports, illegally disposed of nitrification waste, falsified daily inspections and built unauthorized solid waste dumps.

Following the accident, the CCP banned discussions of the incident on the Internet and in homes and did not provide explanations to journalists either.

In this context, Liu Hongzhi, who was one of the survivors of the explosion, became one of the most critical of the incident, through the networks denouncing the corruption of officials of the Chinese communist regime.

Liu, on several occasions, expressed his dissatisfaction with the lack of response to requests for a full report on the accident, which many citizens demanded.

But Liu was soon arrested and locked up in a psychiatric hospital, something the CCP has been doing for decades with dissidents. Recently, Liu was again hospitalized for exposing the torture he suffered in the hospital.

Currently, citizens are waiting expectantly for a full report detailing what happened in the accident and how many victims died due to CCP negligence. How long can the Chinese regime hide its corruption mechanism?

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