China’s epidemic has constantly been weakening and then increasing, causing many places to be repeatedly locked down. Draconian epidemic prevention measures seriously affect people’s lives and cause people to lose their freedom. In this context, the resentment among the people has been growing, and many conflicts have taken place.

Recently, the COVID-19 epidemic in Shanghai has increased sharply. The city authority has urgently upgraded the control of residents in high and medium-risk areas. However, tensions between residents and the local epidemic prevention and control force increased. Some neighborhood committee staff said that residents are very irritable in hot weather. To avoid rough treatment by residents, they had to prepare some emergency defense tools. They called out, “let’s give ourselves a chance to save our lives!” other employees complained that their salary would be deducted if they did not fulfill the senior vaccination target. You will be fired,” according to Vision Times.

A compilation of reports from the official website of the Shanghai Municipal Health Commission shows that, in just 17 days from July 3 to July 20, 639 people were infected with COVID-19, adding four high-risk areas and 75 medium-risk areas.

At the same time, Shanghai has normalized epidemic prevention work.

In a video posted on YouTube on July 20, an employee of the epidemic prevention force exposed Shanghai’s brutal epidemic prevention and control. He said he took a coercive device in the neighborhood committee’s warehouse. This person thinks that because there have been several stabbing incidents in Shanghai recently, they have also run out of ways to find such self-protection measures. Moreover, it is voluntary for elderly people over 60 to get vaccinated. Still, suppose they do not get vaccinated. In that case, the senior will ask committee staff to come to their door to get an injection” (and there may be conflicts with their family members), so the anti-epidemic force and the neighborhood committee’s staff have no other choice.

This man said, “If people do not go to be vaccinated, they have to go to each house every time to urge the injection. In the past, they have been scolded many times or not allowed to come in. But now the weather is hot, people’s tempers also become irritable. If we say something unpleasant to hear, family members will open the door and hold some weapon in their hands. So we can defend ourselves with this tool. We also arm ourselves to have a chance to save our lives.”

The video also shows that many places in Shanghai are closed and controlled, escalating the control situation and causing public discontent. People fear the city will lock down again, so they frantically hoard food, overcrowding supermarkets. Flights at Pudong and Shanghai airports were canceled many times, and very few people were in the lobby. “Shanghai’s Lujiazui financial district is so deserted it’s scary.” One man said in the video: “It’s the rush hour; there should be many people! But I don’t see any cars here. The situation is not good.” At a formerly bustling wholesale clothing market in Shanghai, “a large number of shops were closed,” and only a few people are seen passing by. But a large-scale isolation area in Shanghai has been reopened.

Clashes in Shenzhen left one dead and two injured

At Taining residence, Luohu District, Shenzhen city, Guangdong province, a brutal case of slashing and stabbing occurred. According to people familiar with the incident, at midnight on July 18, a clash broke out between a resident and three security guards at the residence, resulting in the death of one security guard and injuries to the other two. Currently, the relevant information has been censored by Chinese authorities.

According to local netizens, an owner of a Taining residence was unhappy with the lockdown, resulting in a conflict with the security guard. Netizens explained: “Due to epidemic, the building was closed, the man wanted to go out but the security guard would not let him out, so the owner said he wanted to kill them, at first everyone around him thought he was just talking nonsense, but as it turned out, that night, this man used a knife to attack three guards, leaving one dead, one seriously injured and one slightly injured.”

Netizens revealed that the owner of the residence died while being controlled by the crowd. He is said to have suffocated during the process of being restrained. Or it may also be due to alcohol consumption leading to death.

A netizen said local authorities blocked the news after the incident and deleted videos related to the killing.

This netizen lamented that people’s resentment became even more acute under the extreme disease prevention policy. The low class is unemployed, the middle class is losing money, business owners are going bankrupt, and shops are closing. People don’t know how to vent the anger they have built up. … Really do not know how much pressure everyone is under.”

Insider: Extreme lockdown and people’s cries everywhere

An insider and Shenzhen resident, Mr. Zhang, said in an interview with The Epoch Times on July 20 that the security guards blocked the owner when he was trying to go out, then the conflict and tragedy happened.

Mr. Zhang said: “Epidemic outbreaks are frequent in Shenzhen, buildings are closed, and cries are heard everywhere. For example, at Luohu’s residence, security guards did not let the owner go out, so he turned back and attacked the security guards with a knife. Most people are against epidemic prevention because their travel is hindered, seriously affecting everyday life. Only the epidemic-related industries are doing well.

Ms. Lin, a resident of Taining Residence in Luohu District, Shenzhen, also confirmed to The Epoch Times on July 20 that the lockdown of the Taining residence building had led to a conflict between the owner and security guards.

Then, an Epoch Times reporter called the office in Xincun residential area, Cuizhu Street, Luohu District, near the Taining residence, to ask about the related situation, and a female employee answered.

When the reporter asked about the local epidemic situation, this employee did not answer. Next, the reporter asked if the residence owner stabbed a security guard to death; she also did not answer but asked the reporter to ask the residential grid administrator and provided the grid worker’s phone number.

The Epoch Times reporter called a grid worker in the Xincun residential area, Cuizhu Street.

The other party said: “Here is close to that side (Taining Residence),” and about the stabbing incident at the residence, the grid worker said: “We don’t know about this, don’t ask us, we don’t know.”

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