Consumer finds toenails in China’s Wujiang mustard, the publicly listed producer still to answer

An online video shows one consumer denouncing that he found toenails inside “Wujiang mustard tuber,” a product of Fuling Mustard—a publicly listed company in China.

According to Chinese media reports, Mr. Wang from Shanghai bought two packs of Wujiang mustard at a convenience store. When he complained, the merchant replied that the mustard shell had tough stems, and what Mr. Wang ate was not the toenails but the stems of the mustard. The shop owner also said that he was willing to send extra mustard to Mr. Wang as compensation.

The person in charge of Fuling Mustard emphasized that the company’s production line is highly automated and that foreign objects such as nails will not appear in the product.

The topic of “consumers exposed to eating Wujiang mustard toenails” recently appeared on Weibo’s hot search list.

But this case wasn’t the only one. The third-party complaint platform “Black Cat Complaints” has several complaints about Wujiang mustard. Many consumers said they had found strange objects in Wujiang mustard. 

In one complaint on July 13, some consumers claim to have eaten toenails too, but customer service has intervened and has not yet processed it. Additionally, in the complaint on April 14, a consumer complained about finding plastic strips in Wujiang mustard.

Leading global automaker ends cooperation with China’s Guangzhou Automobile group

Carlos Tavares, the CEO of Stellantis, the world’s 4th largest automotive group, decided to end its partnership with Guangzhou Automobile Group and close its only Jeep plant in China. The alleged reason is local politicians are increasingly meddling in business in the world’s biggest car market.

He told Bloomberg TV, “We have been seeing over the last few years more and more political interference in the world of business in China,” He added. “We don’t want to be a victim of cross-sanctions as has been the case for other companies in other regions of the world recently.”

According to Bloomberg, the leading global automaker and mobility provider Stellantis will implement an “asset-light” strategy in China, leaving a 12-year manufacturing partnership with state-owned Guangzhou Automobile Group and closing Jeep’s factories in China. 

Can’t go to hospital because of health code; man has ulcerated calf

The government’s strict “zero covid” policy has greatly affected the lives of Chinese people.

Footage shared on the internet shows a sanitation worker sitting on the street in Yantai city, Shandong province. His left calf is blackened and even ulcerated with a “big hole.” Someone suggested that he go to the hospital, and he replied: “Go to the hospital, have to scan the code, and I can’t scan it on this old phone.”

 This sanitation worker’s condition has attracted widespread attention. The passerby has expressed their willingness to help him. Then, his wound was bandaged carefully.

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