According to, from Aug. 10 to Aug. 11, a very heavy rainstorm hit Zhongyang County, Lvliang City, Shanxi Province. As a result, some houses collapsed, roads were washed out, and vehicles were swept away. 

Supermarket owner Mr. Qiao,  in Jinluo Town, Zhongyang County, where flooding is more serious, said that the floodwaters in the supermarket were more than 3 feet deep, and many items had been washed away, including his two cars.

A video posted on the internet showed that on one street, dirty water mixed with leaves and other debris rolled by, and many vehicles were washed away. Some netizens said that the incident happened on a street in Jinluo Town.

Mr. Qiao explained that the rainstorm had stopped in the afternoon, and the flooding on the street had receded, but the road was full of silt, and there was still stagnant water in his supermarket that he had to drain with a pump.

As Jimu News reported, a resident of Jinluo Town said that he has lived in the town for more than 30 years and has never seen such a large flood. Many shops and residents’ homes were flooded, vehicles were washed away, and vehicles collided into each other. At present, the residents of the town are participating in drainage and dredging, and disaster relief.

According to Luliang Fire Protection on Weibo, nine students and teachers from Zhongyang Third Middle School were stranded by the flood but were successfully transferred with help of firefighters.

According to CCTV news reports, Zhongyang County has suffered the largest torrential rain this year. The maximum rainfall was 9 inches in Baicao Village, Jinluo Town. The towns with the most serious flood situation were Ningxiang Town and Jinluo Town.

The two towns sustained different amounts of damage — houses collapsing, roads washed out, vehicles washed away, farmland flooded, some people trapped, and other disasters. At present, the county has started flood control emergency response, full-scale flood rescue and relief work, disaster relief work, and the disaster situation is under investigation.

Among them, a highway in Jinluo Town is under construction. At the construction site, six workers were swept away by flash floods, and one person has been rescued with stable vital signs. Five people are still missing. Search and rescue work is ongoing.

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