On July 12, heavy rainfall occurred in Pingwu County, Mianyang City, Sichuan Province, causing flash floods and mudslides. 

Video on the media showed that the fast-flowing flood water flooded the house, and trapped people had to reach higher floors to wait for rescue.

The flood affected three villages: National Village, Heping Village, Xinye Village, and Muzha Hydropower Station. Traffic, electricity, and communication were interrupted, and some farmhouses were washed away. According to China News, the disaster has caused three deaths, and five people are missing. The total number of people trapped was 109, and they were rescued and taken to safe ground.

Heihe: Flash flood like a cataclysm, eight people, missing

On the night of July 12, there was a flash flood due to heavy rainfall in Dongfeng Village, Chaoyang Mountain Town, Wudalianchi City, Heihe. 

A video shows water rushing like a cataclysm, engulfing roads and sweeping through houses. The floodwaters even washed away cars; one man could only helplessly cling to a tree drifting along with the current.

According to China media report, one person died, and eight people were unaccounted for in the flash flood. All others have been moved to a safe area.

Heavy rain hits Jinan, and even fish in the lake try to escape

On July 12, heavy rain on a large scale occurred in Jinan. According to authorities’ statistics, from 6:00 to 12:00 on July 12, the average rainfall in Jinan was 2.76 inches. There are 187 rainfall stations in the city, and 34 rainfall points exceeded 3.93 inches, of which the heaviest rain was 8.6 inches in Nanshan Chuquangou.

The water level in the rivers in the southern mountainous areas of Jinan soared, and the water flow was turbulent. A video shows the fast flow of water engulfing the streets, causing cars to be washed away and a bridge to be broken in half. Water also overflowed into the parking garages like a waterfall, making it very difficult for people to move around. Footage shows the rain was so heavy that the fish in the lake began leaping out of the water as if trying to escape.

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