On June 20, floods unexpectedly poured into a hospital in Shangrao city, Jiangxi province, causing costly damages to properties. 

According to Chinese media People’s Daily, Jiangxi Shangrao Ruidong Hospital had many of its critical types of equipment submerged as the flood swamped the first floor. 

The flow submerged the imaging department, disinfection supply center, sewage, sewage treatment room, parking lot, fever clinic, laundry room, canteen, etc., on the affected floor. It is estimated that the damages could be as much as 12.08 million yuan, an equivalent of nearly 1.8 million dollars.

Jiangxi Shangrao Ruidong is a well-equipped hospital. It is a designated hospital in Shangrao City for major insurance companies, 120 first aid stations, work-related injury medical evaluations, and urban medical insurance. It also functions as a cooperating unit for other medical associations in the city. The facility is located in the heart of Shangrao’s high-speed rail new district.

Torrential rain had swept through the area since June 17. As of June 20, rainwater accumulated to a warning level, with the flood limit exceeding 0.90 meters. 

The hospital was not initially affected by the water flow caused by the rain because it has its own water pumping equipment. 

A person said the government did give a warning that they would be releasing water from the local dam 10 hours prior. But the hospital’s equipment was fixed and could not be secured in time.

The person added that the water flows advanced very fast. When the hospital organized an emergency evacuation, the guard was still sleeping, unaware that the water has reached his bed.

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