Yamaguchi-gumi is one of the largest violent gangs in Japan. Recently, Former leader of Yamaguchi-gumi, Sugawara Ushio revealed in an exclusive interview with the Epoch Times in Tokyo about the terrible hidden crime he witnessed when he went to China 15 years ago, which was a crime of Organ harvesting from living people.

In 2015, Sugawara “washed his hands of being Yamaguchi-gumi’s leader” and is now an economic commentator. Mr. Sugawara is also an internet celebrity who often makes comments criticizing the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and has 220,000 followers on Twitter.

On June 20, Sugawara told the Epoch Times that he witnessed illegal organ harvesting from a living person in 2007, and learned that the CCP has used living Falun Gong practitioners. 

In 2007, the liver disease of Sugawara’s friend’s brother worsened and the doctor said he would die unless he received a liver transplant. Before preparing for a liver transplant, Sugawara is the person who is directly responsible for purchasing and transporting albumin blood products from Japan to Beijing. Albumin is a form of plasma protein playing an important role in organ transfer and metabolism. Thus Sugawara learned the shocking story of the CCP’s organ harvesting, which is the illegal organ harvesting of Falun Gong living practitioners.

His friend’s brother first went to China for a health check, then returned to Japan to wait.

At that time, liver transplants were available only in the United States, France, and China, with the 2 former ones having long waiting times, high costs, and strict legal restrictions. So he chose to go to China for surgery.

The Beijing armed police General hospital accepts patients from Japan, as well as the wealthy people from Saudi Arabia and Germany for surgery. The hospital said they could soon find a proper organ donor.

In August 2007, China said they could perform surgery at any time as they had found an organ donor, and the cost was $220,000.

The surgical procedure requires albumin. Unfortunately, before the surgery, the albumin in the hospital was discovered to be fake, so it was impossible to operate.

Sugawara found albumin in Japan, but as it was a drug, he had to get an export-import license. So back in Japan, he found a way to get it through a customs station.

He followed the Chinese mediator’s instructions, entered Dalian, then took the flight assigned to Beijing. However, in Beijing, Sugawara got in trouble. At that time, a senior officer of the armed police came to pick him up, but the airport staff found the medicine in his check-in baggage, so he was not allowed to take it outside, and he was temporarily detained.

Airport police and armed police did not belong to the same system, so they quarreled for hours. Finally, thanks to politicians’ support, they got Sugawara and the albumin out of the airport.

After arriving in Beijing, he delivered the medicine to the hospital and visited his friend’s brother a day before the surgery.

A surgeon there told him, “the liver donor was right next to you, would you want to come and see it?” Pulling out the curtains, he saw the donor lying there, a 21-year-old man. Due to the drug’s effects, he seemed unconscious. Sugawara asked who he was, and the doctor said he was a bad guy, a prisoner under the death sentence, he’s going to die anyway, just to let him contribute something useful.

Sugawara asked what he had done wrong, and the doctor said he was from the Falun Gong terrorist organization.

The doctor said the donor was very young and had a very good liver. Sugawara was surprised. The doctor said many Chinese people are donating, so it’s easy to find the right person.

Sugawara saw the organ donor lying there with bandages on his arms and legs where his tendons had been torn off. Sugawara asked them the reason. The doctor said that either it was to prevent the victim from escaping, or it was to ensure the quality of his organ, because if he resisted in fear, the body would curl up due to stress, affecting the quality of the internal organs.

He was still alive when Sugawara came, and he died after his organs were taken out, so it was a transplant on his living body. Surgery at the same time as removing the organs works best. What happened to the dead body after that, Sugawara didn’t know.

The operation eventually failed, and Sugawara’s friend’s brother died. Of course the person whose organs were taken also died.

The CCP is directly responsible for illegal organ harvesting.

Sugawara says doctors, and wealthy people from Europe, the U.S., Russia, Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern countries go to China for surgery.

There is a special waiting area for patients, he thinks it must be a nearby hotel. After that, they’re usually examined in the hospital.

Epoch Times reporter asked Sugawara whether the CCP officials were involved in organ robbery, Sugawara replied, “Of course they are. They said that without the support of the CCP officials, internal organ transplants would not be possible, and many things could not be handled.

“At the airport, they used special exits and secret tunnels only for high-ranking officials, and I didn’t see any other means of transportation. At that time, beside the high-ranking officials who came to pick me up, there were four armed police officers with guns. From the airport to Beijing, it’s the army police that clear the way.”

Sugawara did not know the status of the high-ranking official, but he felt the official had power. The customs officer came directly to them to stamp their documents. Then the official’s car drove out from a “VIP Lobby” and went straight under the plane to pick them up.

The cars that came to pick up Sugawara are two black Lexus Es with flags in front of them, they both pass through dedicated and secret passageways.”

Sugawara exchanged business cards with senior officials at the time but exhausted his supply.

Sugawara also frankly claimed that major Japanese media outlets learned of the CCP’s crime of illegal organ harvesting, but they did not report it because they still wanted to continue doing business in China.

He went on to say, “In fact, Japanese doctors also know that there is a problem with the origin of these organs but they deliberately avoid it, because the rights of doctors and patients are the same. Moreover, Chinese officials said they’re all prisoners under the death sentence. They’re going to be executed anyway, why not let them do something good for others before they die?”

Sugawara reveals, that, at the time, a reporter from a major Japanese media outlet was also at the scene, and wanted to report about the organ transplant but the hospital refused. The reporter was there when Sugawara had a meal with the representative.

He added: “This incident is really cruel, I still feel cruel about it now. It costs about $220,000 and kills two lives, which is bad for anyone.

“But the Chinese have noble reasons, they feel they’re doing the right thing. They’ve all been brainwashed.

“Chinese doctors all think this way. They don’t think they did anything wrong, they think they’re dealing with prisoners under the death sentence, they’re all brainwashed. It’s really cruel.”

Sugawara Ushio added that the broker is the health/healthcare sector/industry.

In 2007, many wealthy Chinese people started organizing groups to come to Japan for medical tourism, and this go-between or broker also arranged this. The doctor was a Chinese who studied in Japan. He had many interpersonal relationships, and had relationships with many famous Japanese doctors.

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