Chinese mainland media outlets on September 25 reported that the “Ministry of Education responded to the suggestion to reduce the proportion of English teaching” on Sina Weibo’s hot search list.

Recently, the official website of the Ministry of Education announced the reply to the “Suggestions on enhancing cultural confidence, increasing the teaching reform of Chinese cultural content and reducing the proportion of English teaching” put forward by the National people’s congress. 

The Ministry of Education stated in its reply that the proportion of foreign language class hours in primary and secondary schools is lower than that of Chinese and other subjects. 

“English learning is necessary, but it doesn’t need to take that long. … To reform the English teaching method, it is no longer for the sole purpose of taking the high school entrance examination, but for oral dialogue and daily use.”

According to the “Compulsory Education Curriculum Plan (2022 Edition),” foreign language class hours are significantly lower than in Chinese, mathematics, physical education, art, and other subjects.

The rates are Chinese 20%-22%, mathematics 13%-15%, physical education and health 10%-11%, and foreign language 6%-8%.

The Ministry of Education also said schools should determine the proportion of foreign language examinations according to the central authority’s requirements for reforming the college entrance examination.

In the next step, the Ministry of Education will strengthen the curriculum training and implementation guidance for schools and organize the revision of textbooks for compulsory education.

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