The COVID-19 epidemic in Lanzhou city, Gansu province, China, is heating up with hundreds of new cases every day. Through the descriptions of its residents, this city seems to be repeating the same tragedy as Shanghai during the tight lockdown period experienced a few months ago. 

Some people want to go to the hospital but are not allowed to leave the residence. Some suddenly cannot return home after going out, they can only sleep on the street; many people still have to eat instant noodles daily to survive. 

Internet users commented on this way of epidemic prevention, “This is a typical form of torture and waste of money.”

According to NetEase, the outbreak in Lanzhou, Gansu Province, began on July 7. Four counties in the main metropolitan area were brought under control for the first time in seven days from 0:00 on July 11. On July 17, the government ordered the postponement of the control policy until July 24. However, in recent days, there have been hundreds of new positive cases every day, making epidemic prevention measures strict again.

According to, on July 25, Lanzhou announced at the 18th press conference on COVID-19 prevention and control that, on July 24, a total of 1.894 positive cases were registered. The city has opened 199 concentrated isolation points with 19.915 rooms, and 14.685 people are currently in isolation.

Xinhuanet said that from July 7 to July 24, Chengguan district insisted that people must not leave Lanzhou unless necessary. Residents must provide a 24-hour negative nucleic acid certificate with the residential area’s permit in case they must leave. However, even after July 24, the control measures still seem very strict.

video shows that on July 26, Lanzhou residents were queuing for nucleic acid tests despite strong winds and heavy rain. Also, there is the tragic situation that “people have to sleep on the street even though they have a home.” In the video (0’33 – 0’46), a woman walked on an empty road and said, “I just got back to my residence, but I’m not allowed in. Then I went to a supermarket, bought a blanket, and planned to sleep on the street!”

A few months ago, the city of Shanghai was closed, and people could not go to the hospital for medical examination; now, this scene has reappeared in Lanzhou. In the video (1’24 -1’43), a man in Lanzhou said that: “The doctor made an appointment with me, but I couldn’t go out. When he saw three people walking on the sidewalk, this man said, ‘So I want to ask, are these people walking on this street jumping out of the rock? Didn’t you (the government) publicly inform and unify the announcement? You see, these people are walking leisurely. Why are they different from us?”

In the video, it can be seen that Lanzhou residents in the supermarket struggled to buy vegetables and had to queue for half an hour to weigh them. A man said in the video (2’31-3’15) that “things have changed a lot, yesterday noon we could still go out to buy cornflakes, but from yesterday afternoon to today we can only eat instant noodles, even cornflakes have been sold out. That means that from now on until the lockdown is lifted, we can only eat instant noodles, and now I only dare to eat one meal per day.”

Footage shows (5’36 – 6’32) an empty street without a trace of people in Lanzhou. A man said emotionally: “There is nobody!” Even in the commercial area, it’s hard to see a single person, Xi Lanzhou Station is still “empty,” and the whole city is extremely quiet.

Vision Times said that many netizens are having a hot discussion on this issue. One netizen scoffed: “This is really a one-of-a-kind zero-covid country model in the world. The Chinese government’s strict quarantine guidelines and people’s high consciousness have worked out…”

Another commented: “This is a typical form of torture and waste of money.”

Some netizens scoffed: “This is the happiest country in the world, in the future, you won’t need to work anymore since everyone is rich.”

One netizen asked: “I really admire the patriotism of the Chinese people. The city is locked down, nucleic acid tests everyday, unable to go to the hospital for medical examination, unable to return home after going out. Everyone thinks it’s obvious. Have you ever doubted that the government’s epidemic prevention measures have a problem?”

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