Multiple Chinese and Russian warplanes entered the South Korea air defense zone when both held a joint military exercise on Tuesday, May 24. In response, South Korea’s military said it scrambled fighter jets to the scene.

As Korean media news outlet KBS reported, South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff alerted these above-mentioned aircraft just crossing the Korea Air Defence Identification Zone (KADIZ) several times throughout the day without notice. KADIZ is located in the Sea of Japan, also known in Korea as the East Sea.

Accordingly, two Chinese H-6 bombers entered the South Korean Air Defense Identification Zone from 126 kilometers northwest of Ieodo reef off the southern coast at about 7:56 AM. It then moved towards the East Sea. It took half an hour to leave the zone.

The two Chinese bombers merged with four Russian military aircraft and entered the South Korean Air Defense Identification Zone together at 9:58 AM. They then left at 10:15 AM.

These aircraft did not violate South Korea’s airspace.

The Straits Times reported that on Tuesday (May 24), Russian and Chinese airplanes also approached Japan’s airspace when Tokyo hosted Quad leaders, including the U.S.

The action came out on the last day of U.S. president Joe Biden’s five-day trip to South Korea and Japan.

The New York Times wrote that the coordinated bomber flights indicate that China and Russia’s relationship has not gone down over the three-month-old war in Ukraine.

A senior U.S. official said: “We think it shows that China continues to be willing to closely align themselves with Russia, including through military cooperation.”

Adding that “The exercise shows that China is ready to help Russia defend its east while Russia fights in its west.”

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