The Lhasa pandemic has recently worsened. To comply with the Zero-COVID policy, the authorities have put people in a makeshift hospital over a large area. However, the quarantine point for negative and positive cases is at the same place, thus creating another complicated situation. It is reported that the authorities also built tents on a 4,800-meter (15,700 ft) high snow covered mountain to set up an isolation point.

As NetEase reported on September 18, 45 new positive cases were reported in Tibet, of which Lhasa accounted for 33 cases. However, outsiders predict the exact number may be even higher.

According to NTDTV, local residents revealed that the government used buses to send people to quarantine at night. Now that the makeshift hospitals in Lhasa are full, they have been taken to Maizhokunggar and Chushur districts for isolation. The dire conditions at the isolation points, and the chaos between the mixing of negative and positive people, on the contrary, made the pandemic spread more widely.

Lhasa used to be a pilgrimage destination for many tourists; camping in the mountains is also a favorite hobby of many. Recently due to the widespread pandemic in Lhasa, tourists were not allowed to camp. According to another video, officials are suspected of building tents on the 4,800-meter high snow mountain in Shigatse to set up an isolation point. The actual situation has not yet been investigated. (Video: 0:57)

The government forced people to quarantine, causing them to panic. Fang, a Lhasa resident, told NTDTV: “The lockdown has not been lifted, the whole area is still under static management, the city has been locked down for nearly 40 days, severely affecting everyone. It’s better not to come here this year, at least after the 20th Congress, we can consider.” (Video: 1:18)

Liu, a Lhasa resident, said: “I will tell you about the situation here. Currently, the Lhasa pandemic is not under control. Although in the government announcement, some areas in the urban area of ​​Lhasa have gone out of static management. However, people are still not allowed to go out. Only a few small areas in Chengguan district, Duilong and the new districts are able to lift the lockdown” (Video: 1:38)

She added: “It’s possible to get into the city, but if you come from Kunming city, there are no flights open now, only Chengdu is open and has one flight per day. This is the first large-scale outbreak, so they have no experience in pandemic prevention, and consumables are also in short supply.”

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