According to reports on the internet, a little pink (a term used to refer to young Chinese extreme nationalists) from China’s Henan province came to a construction site in Xinjiang to move bricks. Every day he praised on Douyin (Chinese version of TikTok) how good Xinjiang is. However, during the pandemic, Xinjiang was closed and the construction site had no food and nothing to drink. Now he just want to return home. On November 15, the video channel “Strange Huaxia Story” released video of this young man.

In the video, a male little pink is said to be from Henan. The first days he arrived in Xinjiang, he praised Xinjiang (in the video from 0:31): “If you want to live a long life, go to Xinjiang. If you want to live well, go to Xinjiang.” “Besides Beijing, Xinjiang is the most prosperous, I’d rather have a bed in Xinjiang than a house in Japan. I’d rather have a tree in Xinjiang than a small villa in the United States. When there are difficulties everywhere, Xinjiang does not have to worry; when the drought is severe, Xinjiang has a harvest; when there are floods everywhere, people in Xinjiang still have stable income.”

“To Xinjiang, everyone’s a millionaire. Once you go to Xinjiang, you love Xinjiang forever, only coming to Xinjiang is considered a victory.” The Henan little pink also praised: “Xinjiang always has food, clothes, often going to Xinjiang will make you proud”, …

However, this dream of the little pink from Henan was soon shattered. In another video, he looks sad and angry saying (in the video at 1:45): “Arriving in Xinjiang, I thought I would have a ‘brocade shirt’ to return, unfortunately the pandemic lasted, I almost died in a foreign land.” This little pink expressed on November 11 that (in the video at 1:57), “I only care if I can leave or not, but I can’t leave today!” But near noon on November 12, he made a video and said (in the video at 2:05) “The construction site has no water, no food.” He also asked if there was a car to return to North, Henan, Anhui, and Shandong, he want to take a car home! On the morning of November 14, he raised his fist and said (in the video at 2:27): “The Xinjiang regime with all kinds of dictators, I don’t obey, I don’t!”

The host of “Strange Huaxia Story” at the end of the video stated that it was this pandemic that had turned countless little pinks from enthusiastically praising the red government into a group that chanted slogan against the government. The host added, “But there are too many examples of people like this getting hit in the face by the iron fist of socialism!”

According to Vision Times, on this issue, netizens commented. “Really, even if the truth is in front of your eyes, you won’t believe it if you don’t get hurt. I chatted with a few friends and found that they all had the same thoughts. This is the biggest difference between Chinese people and people in democratic countries.”

The number of positive cases in Xinjiang has remained high for several days, and there are more than a thousand high-risk areas. According to the Changzhou government as of 7 p.m. on November 16, a total of 1,173 high-risk areas in Xinjiang and residents in high-risk areas have been quarantined without being allowed to set foot out of the house. However, the outside world is always suspicious official public data and the real situation can be worse.

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