On October 28, Xi Jinping visited Anyang city in Henan Province. At the Red Flag Canal memorial, Xi said, “Socialism is a lifelong struggle, labor and sacrifice, not only in the past, but also in the new era.” Earlier, on his inspection tour of Yan’an, Xi made similar statements about maintaining the CCP’s ideological form, fighting, and preparing for a difficult life. But the question is whose lives will Xi use in exchange for socialism?

Sound of Hope posed the question and stated that the Chinese people’s lives are at the forefront.

The independent economist with a Twitter account called “An Objective Eye on Financial Economics” retweeted a message from a Twitter reader on October 28, telling a story of the “zero-COVID” tragedy in Yuncheng, Shanxi.

The post was translated. Yuncheng has been locked down since the end of September and people cannot buy food or find food places outside. Recently, every day, people jump from buildings because they are so hungry. Hospitals are closed, patients not admitted. Severe patients were forcibly taken to remote mountainous areas. The government turned a blind eye and blocked the internet.

The post grieved for the people that were in despair and quietly died.

Xinjiang Urumqi and Yili have been locked down for more than 80 days. Locals had to send messages to many influential people on Weibo begging them to speak up.

One message said, Unable to send messages, if you post on Weibo with your IP address in Xinjiang, you will be called and told to delete the post. For three months you can neither go to work or go outside, you have no income and the government does not have any subsidies. Meat has increased to 300 yuan ($42)/4 kg, many cannot afford it. Too many people are starving because they don’t have money to buy vegetables at sky-high prices on the internet. Those stranded in Xinjiang have no heaters or winter clothes, and they can’t go home. “Really desperate.”

Similar tragedies have occurred in Xining, Fuzhou and other cities.

In Yuan Li’s Podcast scholar, Wu Guoguang talked about China after the 20th National Congress. He said, “In the near future, any disaster is likely to happen, because the CCP’s ability to govern has weakened, the officials below do not resort to the above policy, but based on their own incompetence, arrogance, and ignorance, will bring all kinds of disasters to the people. I think that China in the future is likely to suffer many disasters. This is not just what I mean, this is a very cruel fact.”

Wu added that the CCP pandemic restrictions are somewhat equivalent to the Great Leap Forward in 1958. The Great Leap Forward was also a movement to mobilize communes, and subsequently resulted in crop and economic failure for the next few years. In China the next few years, people’s income will drop and individual freedom will be further restricted; Political purges could also begin. The CCP is thinking day and night on how to correct the people, that’s all they do.

The Chinese people urgently need to wake up and secede from the CCP to protect themselves.

But the next post translated from Chinese is worrisome. The author said, “I told my uncle that students in Inner Mongolia are locked down and are not treated like human beings. My uncle said, have you seen it with your own eyes? This is none of your business, talk less. My uncle did not participate in the June 4th event [Tiananmen Square massacre 1989] because he believed that “it is none of his business.”

The author asks on the contrary, what if we are the ones trapped, and no one speaks up for us? The uncle said, if that’s the case, it’s because you’re unlucky.

The author wrote, “I went home alone, couldn’t hold back the tears, hands were shaking. It’s clear that everyone around me is suffering, obviously there are brave people, but everyone is silent.”

Hopefully a virtual ‘stick warning’ can wake up the Chinese people in time.

Although Xi is willing to trade people’s lives for the stability of the communist regime, it is difficult for him to do so. The recent news is remarkable.

A WeChat group conversation showed that the Zhengzhou government held a meeting and said that over 30,000 CCP virus cases have been confirmed, and hospitals cannot handle it anymore. The plan is to lock down for another week, but if it can’t be controlled anymore. The lockdown will be lifted, because the government has no money, and can’t manage it.

Local governments are the foundation of the CCP, and they choose to “lie flat” (tang ping) because of a lack of money, which will have a huge impact on the CCP.

Earlier, Sound of Hope reported that the downfall of the CCP most likely started with money.

According to Sound of Hope, Yan Chungou, a senior in the media industry, once said that the CCP has always relied on the fact that “with money, you can control the devil.” Between the central and the local government, there will be discord between interests, middle-level officials and below choose to “lie flat.” Moreover, people’s resentment is being stoked, like dry firewood, just waiting for a spark, the CCP will come to a dead end.

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