Chinese-language media Da Ji Yuan reported that there were about 6 miles of traffic jams, where 7,000 people were trapped on 317 National Highway of Jinshajiang at Jinsha River Bridge at the junction in Sichuan and 10,000 people in Tibet suffered the same fate, due to the Chinese zero-COVID policy. Problems arose because local authorities had an unfair traffic arrangement with no respect for the people.

The ten-member Wang Xi (a pseudonym) family recently traveled in two cars from Chongqing to Tibet. COVID forced them to return, which they had not foreseen. On the 317 national highway, they were trapped from August 13 to 17. The road had been closed the day before. Local pandemic prevention personnel arrange for vehicles to cut the line and leave first.

On August 20, Da Ji Yuan published footage of thousands of people protesting for being stranded leaving during six days of quarantine, acid nucleic negative green card, and testing requests. (00:17 – 00:27, 1:13 – 1:22)

According to Wang Xi, the traffic jam was over 6 miles long by the time they left.

While they waited, victims suffered from the high altitude, hunger only having noodles to eat, and cold water to drink for several days. They slept in their cars at night with quite cold temperatures.

On August 16, the Wang Xi family was still stuck on the highway but they were told to let the forty large trucks behind them pass first. (1:51 – 1:53)

According to Wang Xi, everyone has been suffering and waiting in line. The large trucks are not carrying humanitarian aid. It’s only fair that they line up like everyone else. Wang and a group of people then blocked the road to stop the truck from passing. (1:53 – end)

Wang said when one of the pandemic prevention personnel saw that Wang did not give way, he honked louder and louder. He even encouraged the truck driver to just go ahead, adding that the personnel would be responsible for the protesters’ deaths.

Wang Xi said with anger, “their coordination ability is inferior, their speech is rough, and even my body is threatened. Then, I turned on my mobile phone to prepare for the live broadcast. They grabbed my mobile phone and kicked my waist from behind. After a few kicks, my back was bruised. After the kick, he sprayed my family and me with chili juice. Later, he wanted me to go to the mediation room to meditate. I said I couldn’t leave. If you want to meditate, come here to meditate. They took my family over several times and threatened that we were breaking the law.”

The relevant leaders eventually came to Wang to apologize and instructed him not to make the video public after he had recorded it. The following day, they also replaced the officers.

Wang said that if the authorities had wanted the cargo to pass, they should have given a reason to avoid a conflict. 
Wang added that after this incident he felt completely different about civilized society and civilized law enforcement.

Lin Liang criticized the quarantine regulations that  changed daily. And there was no set number of vehicles released. Therefore no one knew when they would be able to leave. They were stuck on the road with no information. The feeling was terrifying.

The ‘play off-road’ account on the QQ platform posted that as of August 20, many of the stranded people were still on the banks of the Jinsha River.

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