Liberty Times reported that, after a series of high-density intrusions into Taiwan’s airspace in recent months, on July 30, China’s military practiced firing live ammunition in Pingtan, Fujian, next to Taiwan.

This latest move from China is considered a provocative act. Moreover, it increases pressure on Taiwan amid the international community’s concern that Beijing will be like Moscow, defying public opinion and waging war to achieve its goals.

In a rare response from a neutral country about the Taiwan issue, Switzerland’s State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) Director Marie-Gabrielle Ineichen-Fleisch said that if Beijing launched a war to invade Taiwan, Switzerland would cooperate with the EU to impose sanctions on China.

Fleisch added that these sanctions would be more severe than the sanctions that Russia is currently suffering.

Specifically, when asked if China invaded Taiwan, would Switzerland follow the EU to impose sanctions on Beijing, Inechen-Fleisch replied, “I strongly believe that we would adopt such restrictions.”

Fleisch added, “However, sanctions in the case of China would be far more drastic [than sanctions against Russia] because the economic relations are much more important. Therefore, there would probably be greater discussions in the EU and the United States as well as in Switzerland than there were in Russia. But I hope it will never come to that.”

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